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February 24th, 2008, 10:17 PM
I had wrote a post about a month back about quitting swimming and giving up my 25 percent scholarship to swim. Well I have made the decision to not go back to that school and swim. I was at a d2 program, I am now transferring to a d3 school, which is actually better then my old school and I could swim there if I choose. Swimming has been over now and I don't miss it and I don't miss the training. I don't know though If i can go out the way I did, I had the worst swim season of my swimming career and I don't think i can go out like that. I watched most my friends go out there freshman year and swim amazing. I know a part of me wants that more then anything but another part of me is sick of not getting faster. I was a fast swimmer my 8th grade through sophomore year and haven't really gotten any faster then that. It is hard to keep going when things don't get better and It was hard being on a team this year that didn't care and stuff. But do you think a different experience would maybe find my love for swimming. Any advice I would love! Than

February 25th, 2008, 11:49 AM
I hated practices every day of my swimming career and still do. I've been swimming competitively for close to 50 years. If I had to do it all over again I would do it without hesitation. The friends, the competition, the environment that keeps me fit, is why I did it and will do it til I can't anymore. Try to find the things that make it worthwhile. If you can't find anything, quit. There aren't a lot of people given physical gifts that allow them to compete in a sport, you my friend are apparently gifted. Now, with that being said, start training smarter not just harder. You technical skills can improve, so; watch the DVD's of Olympic swimmers and mimic them; go to youtube type in EVF + Swimming and improve your EVF; learn some TI streamlining skills; lower your 25 kick pull and swim times (from a push-off) so you know you're actually faster; improve your DPS and SDK; go out out of your way to genuinely support your teammates; Dream and have fun!!!!!
Good Luck Coach T.

February 25th, 2008, 07:43 PM
I think you can find a place that will teach you how to adjust your strokes and swim faster. Everyone thinks phelps has topped out and yet he keeps getting better. Try training a different stroke. I know that helped when i felt like i was at a plateau. But a good coach/school program will be a blast regardless of the times you are going. Swimming in college is part about improving times/skill/etc. but it's also about the journey you go through with a small group and travel to all the duel meets. It should be a fun time!

So find a better program and a coach that will work with you on your goals. This is your one time now to swim with a college team, if you miss it you could always regret it and not be able to go back. But if you decided after the years of collegiate swimming that swimming is not what you want to do, well then quit and nothing loss, actually you would have stayed in shape while in college, which many people struggle with :D

Hope this helps. And best of luck. Keep us updated :)