View Full Version : Are We All Guilty????

March 10th, 2008, 07:01 PM
There are long and vigorous discussions on this Forum about doping among athletes. Some of us have even questioned whether or not master's athletes do the nasty supplement route. In that spirit, I submit the following comments.

In my other competitive sport, Nordic skiing, the World Masters races in McCall Idaho have just concluded. Although I didn't go, what interested me was the following article by Ian Harvey, who competed in biathlon at the 1992 Albertville Olympic Games for the United States: http://www.fasterskier.com/news5202.html

In brief, what Ian describes is that the top level Russian master's skiers are paid prize money when they do well. Let me extract a quote from his article: "I know that the Russian government pays their athletes for good results here adding even more incentive to show up ready to rock (which they have!)."

So, if a government is willing to pay its master's athletes doesn't this provide the incentive to try out 'new products' for enhanced performance? I guess some of them aren't so new....