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Bill Volckening
March 5th, 2003, 01:04 AM
Did you know there are two excellent pace charts available on the USMS web site?

FITNESS PACE CHART: The USMS Fitness Committee has posted a fitness pace chart in the "Getting Started" section of the "Fitness" area of usms.org. This chart was originally created by Mike Collins and was reproduced in Doug Garcia's WSU workout book. Check it out at:


LONG DISTANCE PACE CHART: The Long Distance Committee recently produced a chart geared specifically toward postal distance events. This chart was produced by committee vice chair Marcia Cleveland, and it's an excellent resource for anyone who plans to participate in any of the Long Distance Postal Championships. Check out the Long Distance Pace Chart at:


This year, several of the USMS committees are working hard to bring more resources to Masters swimmers through USMS.org. The pace charts represent the best of these new resources, and these charts are wonderful training tools for all swimmers, regardless of ability or specific interest in swimming.

If you haven't surfed around usms.org lately, take a spin around today. You may find some great new resources to enhance the quality of your swimming experience.

Bill Volckening
USMS Editor
SWIM Magazine