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March 6th, 2003, 10:12 AM
Results of the New England SCM Challenge are posted:


We regret the following limitations to these results:

* Results from Pacific Masters SCM Champs and the Dixie Zone SCM champs were submitted in SDIF format. Unfortunately, two different software programs rejected these results as "invalid SDIF format", so we could not get those results to integrate.

* I could not get relays to work properly. The results reflect individual events only.

* Ties are not handled 100% correctly. This is a very small issue, though.

I spent a lot of time trying different ways to make this all work with different software, etc. In the end, I used Hy-Tek Team Manager to combine all of the results together, and assigned points using a MS Excel export of that data.


March 6th, 2003, 10:42 AM
Thanks to Rick Osterberg of www.swimindex.com for putting this together. As noted in his post we were not able to get two meet results into Hy Tek Team Manager. We welcome any help from representatives from Pacific or Dixie Zones. Except for the two limitations noted above (failure to take SDIF files and failure to get relays to score properly) the experiment did succeed.

The "Final" Scores:

New England Masters SCM Championship 12,621
Arizona SCM State Championship 8,784
Southern Pacific Masters Zone 7.909
Greater Indiana Classic (GRIN) 5,693
Northwest Zone SCM Championship 3,958
Southern Masters SCM Championship 3,933

Obviously these results would be different with Pacific and Dixie results. So will refrain from declaring victory in NE until we see if it's technically possible to incorporate these results. Congratulations are in order to Arizona (a single state LMSC) for a very impressive performance in outscoring the SPMA Zone meet.

March 6th, 2003, 11:00 AM
Note of clarification -- Team Manager _does_ import SDIF files. It rejected both of the SDIF files as "invalid format". EZ-Meet manager (i.e., not a Hy-Tek product) also rejected both SDIF files as formatted incorrectly.