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May 28th, 2008, 12:21 PM
I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I want to start swimming (just for fitness) distance, and just see how far I go and keep working at it. I'm an 18 year old male in northeast PA. I have a pool but its too small to keep swimming back and forth for distance. Where do you guys swim at? Should I get a membership at my local CYC or something? I want a large pool (indoor or out) with lanes so I can swim straight and not bother anyone. I've been very reclusive for a while because I've been depressed from a few personal problems I have/have endured. I know how exercise is used to treat mild depression and I'm kind of a physical kind of person so I thought I'd give it a shot.

My only problem is I don't know where I can swim at... Where do you guys do it? Is there a club or some national fitness center that has a large pool with lanes for swimming. I don't want a pool with like 100 people in it doing cannon balls....

Thanks and I look forward to becoming a regular here and in the pool.

May 28th, 2008, 12:48 PM
What town are you in?

I assume you are located in the Delaware Valley region of USMS. You might first check the Places to Swim listings, here:


The listings are sorted by state, so scroll down until you get to Pennsylvania.

Anna Lea

May 28th, 2008, 01:14 PM
Hey thanks a lot! Now is there always a lifeguard on duty? It would just feel awkward with someone watching me go back and forth.... Are there special designated pools for swimming laps, and others for playing in?

Thanks so much!

May 28th, 2008, 04:47 PM
Most pools will publish a schedule for recreational swim, lap swim, water aerobics, etc. If the pool is large enough they usually have an area for lap swim and an area for rec swim. Just the other day, I was swimming laps in a public pool (I was the only one there) and they started taking up the lane lines. Within 2 minutes, there must have been 20 kids in the pool. No problem, I just swam around them. As long as you're careful and watch where you're going, I think it's good practice.

May 28th, 2008, 05:16 PM
Now is there always a lifeguard on duty?

I presume that it's a law now--just guessing on that. When you're swimming laps you're kind of in the zone and I don't really notice the guards unless they're standing next to my lane. I'm sure they're off in their own world as I am mine!

May 28th, 2008, 07:02 PM
Not sure what town you're in, but since you mentioned a CYC, and you're in NE PA, perhaps you're in Wilkes-Barre? If so, the YMCA there (on Franklin St & Northhampton St) has 2 pools. One is pretty much useless for swimming, it is way too warm, and they use it mostly for classes. The other is fairly new (built within the past 5 years), and it great for swimming.

I'm from that area and get back about 1-2 times a year to visit family, and usually swim while there. The last time, in mid-April, I chatted with the lifeguard after I finished (I was the only one swimming), and asked if they had a masters group or any organized adult groups. She said they were trying to put something together, and was very excited that I asked, until I told her I was just visiting.

Even if you're not in Wilkes-Barre, there are CYC's and YMCA's in most towns in NE PA (Scranton, Pittston, and Hazleton all come to mind). There's a few athletic club-type places too, that could have pools. Odyssey Fitness Center in W-B has a good pool, but can be a bit costly (though they used to have college deals).

Let me know if you need anything else.

May 28th, 2008, 08:11 PM
Not sure what town you're in, but since you mentioned a CYC, and you're in NE PA, perhaps you're in Wilkes-Barre?

Yes. The YMCA on Franklin is 15 minutes from my house. Can I just buy access to just the pool? I checked the website and I don't think I can... Once you're a member how do you go swimming? They have lockers near the pool right? I've been shy and reclusive for a while even though its not my personality and I just want to go as unseen as possible, so I can swim and leave. I'm not rude or anything I'm just really depressed. Do you know what the least crowded time might be?

Also I may call them do you think they would allow me to go in once just to see the pool so I know what to expect?

Thanks again

May 28th, 2008, 08:45 PM
Tell them you are interested in joining but you'd like to try out the place a couple of times. They can probably give you some guest passes. They'll probably also give you a tour of the facility.