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March 12th, 2003, 07:54 PM
Results for the 2003 One Hour Postal Championship (http://www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats03/1hrresults.shtml) are now available on the Long Distance (http://www.usms.org/longdist/) web site.

March 17th, 2003, 11:32 AM

For the fourth consecutive year, NEM won the OHS national team title with 487 sixty minute wonders who recorded more than 1.8 million yard both are new USMS OHS team records. NEM accounts for slightly less than 4% of total USMS membership yet managed to account for more than 20% of participants and yards swum NATIONALLY in this year’s event.

Congratulations to the following NEM relays that set new USMS records:

45+ Mixed 19,055 Yards
Tracy Grilli, Karla Nisley-Black, Fred Schlicher and Fred Bartlett

55+ Mixed 16,325 Yards
Claire O’Brien, Constance Sasser, Dan Rogacki, Albert Valliere

Congratulations to the following NEM’s who won individual championships

Women 19-24 Emily Wang 5,075 yards
Men 25-29 Jason Eaddy 5,850 yards

Congratulations to the following NEM relays that were also first the country:

45+ Women 13,360 Yards
T. Grilli, K. Nisley-Black, Barb Handler

19+ Men 16,515 Yards
J. Eaddy, Rick Osterberg, Christoph O’Donnell

35+ Men 15, 740 Yards
Ed Gendreau, Frank Wuest, Doug Bosley

25+ Mixed 21,175 Yards
Jessica Stokes, Christen Deveney, J. Eaddy, R. Osterberg

45+ Mixed 19,055 Yards (New Record)
T. Grilli, K. Nisley-Black, F. Schlicher, F. Bartlett

55+ Mixed 16,325 Yards (New Record)
C. O’Brien, C. Sasser, D. Rogacki, A. Valliere

More One Hour Swim Facts Courtesy of Ed Gendreau

Rankings Based on OHS Factor

How do you compare the performance of men vs women and young vs not as young? The OHS “factor” attempts to take into account differences due to gender and age for comparison purposes. For more details on how this works, and for lots more OHS information go to:


Top Ten 2003 NEM OHS “Rankings”

Swimmer/Age/Yards Swum/Performance Factor

Jason Eaddy 26 5850 0.987
Fred Schlicher 54 5175 0.987
Ed Gendreau 40 5445 0.950
Jessica Stokes 26 5150 0.928
James Edwards 80 3255 0.919
Rick Osterberg 29 5405 0.914
Mary Stadig 81 2635 0.914
Emily Wang 24 5075 0.912
Frank Wuest 42 5160 0.908
Tracy Grilli 45 4605 0.905

Congratulations to all OHS swimmers and special thanks to Tulatin Hills for running this event.