View Full Version : First Experience and Feedback on the New Suits

June 8th, 2008, 09:05 PM
Here is what I have tried so far:

Speedo Fastskin Pro: I know it's not that new, but I still don't see a lot of people wearing it. I really like it. You can not size down a lot - maybe one size from your normal - it feels good with a little lift in the water. If you keep it dry, water will not get through for at least 2 minutes - very water resistant. No problems with ripping it or zipper. I do notice it pushing on my throat on longer races - it may have moved up a little and it was restricting my breathing on a 400 (not an ideal occasion).

Blue Seventy Pointzero3+: Don't buy for the pool - it is open water only.

Blue Seventy Nero Comp: Size down - a lot. I wore a knee skin in size 26 and I am 6-5 - 190. Major floatation device - you can just feel it floating you. Easy to put on even at that size - I did see a couple of them rip on other swimmers. I also got a little water into my suit and felt it move underneath my body. It does feel a lot like a wetsuit and it can get warm in there if you put it on too early.

New Nike suit: Very tight + smooth material, but no lift or floating whatsoever. Feels a little tight and awkward around the shoulders - they have a rubber ring around and it does not give a lot. Felt good in the water - body feels compressed but not in a bad way - wore a size 30 full body. I think it's about the same as the Speedo Fastskin Pro.

LZR: was not able to wear it - but I saw the zipper rip on a guy - it did not tear, it just opened up in the middle and he was able to fix it. I did notice that anybody who owns one, wears it at full body when it matters.

June 8th, 2008, 09:57 PM
at the meet this weekend in Austin
in the 100 free prelims Matt Lowe's LZR zipper broke
split from his shoulder to the base
which turns the suit into a "parasuit" a water parachute
he went 52 in prelims then 50.5 in finals where it did not break

at trials or at the olympics
LZR Zipper Breakage could be a disaster

glad you got ahold of a Blue Seventy
where did you find it?
52.7 is an excellent time