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February 26th, 2002, 09:52 PM
The Entry Form and Information for the 2002 St Croix Coral Reef Swim is now posted on this web page:

We look forward to those friends who will return to share the excitement and to those who will make this year’s event their first. Once again, all the activities will take place around the beautiful Buccaneer Resort, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands, and Buck Island, a US National Monument named as “one of the world's top ten beaches.” (National Geographic)

Rob Copeland
February 27th, 2002, 11:42 AM

Are you making any special arrangements with an airline for discounted air fares to St Croix?

Are there any special awards for those who swim both races? How about for those who knock down a few brews with the beer drinking pigs?

And, did you get your steel tape and cinder block for the official course measurements?

February 27th, 2002, 04:33 PM
Hi Rob,

I hope to hear from American Airlines soon with some sort of discount -not sure what but they have been very good to us in the past. I'll announce the details as soon as I get them.

Have not thought about awards for those that swim both events -and visit the world famous (gotta see it to believe it) beer drinking pigs but that sounds like a good idea.

Who needs a steel tape -We just sit up at The Buccaneer's Terrace Resturant overlooking the Caribbean and point to a spot and say....."the buoy should go right about -there".......

August 6th, 2002, 12:55 PM
American Airlines has once again given us discounted airfare to St Croix. The details are posted under the "updates" tab on this website: http://www.randynutt.com/aqua9.html

If you are looking for that perfect end of season swim we still have room in the 5 and 10 mile swims.
Information and the entry forms are posted on the above link as well.

October 29th, 2002, 12:14 PM
The results of the St Croix 5-Mile Coral Reef Swim and a race recap are now posted here:


Thanks to the many swimmers from the 22 different US states, Japan, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Venezuela, and to The Buccaneer Resort for making this 7th annual event successful.

Next years 5-Mile Swim will take place on Sunday October 26th 2003. The info, entry forms, and airline details will be posted in January or early February.

The 10-Mile Swim was not completed because of rough winds and seas. Next years 10-mile event info will also be announced in Jan.

Want to finish the year with a swim in paradise? There is still time to join us at the 2nd Annual Bonaire EcoSwim on December 7th 2002. We can take as many swimmers as want to swim. Take a look at the info posted here: http://www.randynutt.com/aqua9.html
and make those plans!

January 18th, 2003, 04:00 PM
The 2003 St Croix 5 Mile Coral Reef Swim will be held on October 26th 2003. The info and entry forms (including discount airfare) will be available late this month.

February 4th, 2003, 11:47 PM
The Entry Form and Information for the 2003 St Croix Coral Reef Swim is now posted on this web page:

Online registration is also available along with discounted airfare from American Airlines.

July 12th, 2003, 09:57 AM
The St Croix Coral Reef Swim still has openings! Come join us for all the fun!

The information and entry forms for the 8th Annual Swim, October 26th 2003,
are posted here: http://www.randynutt.com/aqua9.html

The event’s host hotel, The Buccaneer Resort, celebrates over 50 years of Caribbean Hospitality. You will enjoy dining at The Terrace Restaurant overlooking the Caribbean’s beautiful waters and relaxing at the resorts 3 private beaches. St Croix offers many outdoor activities including golf, kayaking, snorkeling, boating, horseback riding and diving. Or simply relax and enjoy the company of open water swimmers from around the world.

Info for discounted airfare on American Airlines is also posted on the above link.

October 27th, 2003, 09:44 PM
The race recap and results are now posted here for yesterdays 8th Annual St Croix Coral Reef Swim.

Race Recap: http://www.randynutt.com/screcap03.htm

Results: http://www.randynutt.com/scresults03.htm

NEXT YEARS EVENT: We expect to post next years event info and entry form in late Dec or early Jan. (http://www.randynutt.com/aqua9.html) The swim will take place on October 24th 2004.

April 29th, 2004, 07:27 PM
The entry and information for the 2004 St Croix Coral Reef Swim is NOW available at:

INFO: http://www.randynutt.com/scinfo04.htm

ENTRY: http://www.randynutt.com/scentry04.htm

The April issue of Rodale's Scuba Diving has a readers ratings/survey of the World's Best Shore Diving. The readers list puts St Croix in the # 2 spot.

(Number #1 is Bonaire - the Entry for the Bonaire EcoSwim will be available in about a week!)

Either event is a winner....

Come join us!

August 24th, 2004, 08:51 AM
MISTY HYMAN , 5-time NCAA Champion, 10-time National
Champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist has entered the 9th Annual St Croix 5 Mile
Coral Reef Swim to be held October 24th 2004.

Her victory in the 200 Butterfly at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games will go down
as one of the most thrilling (and perfect) swim races of all time. Through her
many clinics and appearances, Misty has won fans all over the world, and is
adept at teaching her techniques to swimmers of all ages and abilities. She
currently trains with Bob Gillett at the Arizona Sports Ranch.

There is still time for you to join us in St Croix for this open water swim
classic and at The Buccaneer, one of the Caribbeans' most beautiful destination

St Croix in October -you deserve it!

September 27th, 2004, 07:35 PM
With the Hurricane season winding down and the cold
fronts just around the corner, the Caribbean is looking very enticing. We hope
you make plans to join us in St Croix for the Coral Reef Swim and/or the Bonaire
EcoSwim. It's not too late -we have room for you in both events!

Olympian Misty Hyman is entering the 5 Mile Coral Reef Swim along with defending
Champion Alex Kostich. Everyone who completes the swim will feel a sense of
excitement while enjoying the beautiful view along the course.

Entering the Bonaire EcoSwim this year is actress Alexandra Paul. Alexandra has
starred in more than 50 films and is best known for her role in the hit TV
series “Baywatch”. She is also an accomplished athlete having completed the
Ironman World Championships in 1997. On November 6th 2004 she will test her
mettle as an open water swimmer in the 10K distance division. With her
dedication to excellence we know she will be a success.

Info & Entry www.aquamoonadventures.com

Hope to see you on the islands!

October 27th, 2004, 09:00 AM
Misty Hyman Takes 1st Place Female in Open Water Swimming Debut

By Bob Halk St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

In her open water swimming debut, Misty Hyman won the women’s division in the 9th Annual FINIS St. Croix Coral Reef Swim and finished second overall. The only swimmer to finish ahead of Misty was Alex Kostich winning the 5 mile event for the sixth consecutive year. The race was also honored with two-time Olympian and gold medalist John Kinsella.

More than a hundred athletes ranging in age from 12 to 70 swam from Buck Island’s white sand beach and crystal clear water to the palm lined beach finish at the Buccaneer Hotel. Race conditions featured 79 degree water and calm seas. Turtles, dolphins, and eagle rays were all spotted by swimmers along the course.

Athletes traveled from as far away as Canada and Mexico to attend the event. As with previous years, there was with a sizable west-coast contingent and teams from Seattle, Tennessee, Indiana and Illinois.

Next year’s race will be held on Sunday, October 23, 2005. Race information will be posted on www.aquamoonadventures.com

Full results are posted here: