View Full Version : 50 Free-OT

Doug Martin
July 6th, 2008, 10:31 PM
Trying to analyze the men's and women's races via DVR--the latter wasnt much of a race actually. It is difficult to tell, but it looks to me like Hall, Jones, and W-T each took one breath. Hall might have been leading before he took his. I cant see W-G take one, I dont think he did. Stroke count looks like 35 for W-G, 36 for W-T, 38 for Hall, and 38.5 for Jones, whose last stroke was probably inadvisable. Torres looks like she took several breaths, she does it very efficiently, and she took 39 strokes. Can any of you Texas folks confirm that W-G did not breathe? I have thought most top sprinters take one. Do Reese and other coaches advise none if you can make it? Anyone know about Popov, Biondi, Jager, et al.?