View Full Version : old question: jammer vs legskin for breastsroke

July 25th, 2008, 05:11 PM
I kno this has been asked time and time again but im not sure which type of fast skin to get..Well i kno the type b/c im gonna a Fs2 from swimoutlet.com. my friend just bought the fs2 legskin since he pretty much only does fly and free. i on the other hand prefer my breaststroke over my fly. I have heard the jammer is good for distance breastsroke only or i have heard people on my swim team say legskin isnt good for breaststroke because it may rip. Well after watching the trials im pretty sure the legskin could hold on for whip kicks but I'd breaststroke people who kno what it feels like and what i should Get thanks in advanced.

P.S- Fs2 jammer vs Fs-Pro jammer(any BIG Difference?)


July 25th, 2008, 05:20 PM
My personal preference is a jammer....like to feel the water.....At Olympic Trials there were quite a few wearing legs....actually most of them were.

July 25th, 2008, 06:14 PM
I have a full leg blueseventy pointzero3+ and it felt fine with my breaststroke. I really didn't notice it one way or the other. Since the suits are generally faster than skin, I'd recommend the full legs.

July 29th, 2008, 03:31 PM
I've used Fastskin I jammers, TYR Fusion legskins, and most recently a FS Pro hi-neck that I was too lazy to change out of after a free event (actually, I thought it would be a good experiment to try it for breaststroke) in a swim-through LCM meet. I haven't done a 200 since getting the tech suits, so 50s and 100s only, both short and long course.

I prefer the jammers, and swam my best times in them. I thought I lost feel for the water with the legskins, and I felt like they made my legs float too high, resulting in a kick or two out of the water. The FS Pro was too restrictive in the upper body, plus had the drawbacks of the legskins.

Disclaimer: I'm not very fast and am still working on changing technique. The reduced drag of the legskins and Pro may be of more benefit to faster swimmers or in the 200.

July 29th, 2008, 04:13 PM
I have a FS Pro Jammer, and could not imagine wearing a full length while swimming breaststroke. for the same reason others have stated. I think I would lose the feel of the water. I've never tried a full length, but it's my opinion that at my level of swimming it would not be as much help as it would be a mental issue of swimming with "pants".

July 29th, 2008, 05:07 PM
Does anyone know which type of LZR Kitajima was wearing when he smashed the 200br WR recently?

Big AL
July 29th, 2008, 07:30 PM
Long suit works great for breast, especially for a 200 when you are trying to glide the most.

I have not really noticed a difference in feeling the water between the three suits, other than my gut sticks out further without a body suit.

Allen Stark
August 1st, 2008, 12:55 AM
I prefer the jammer.With the full leg suit I don't get as much feel of power in my kick.I think the swimmers at trials were victims of the LZR hype and peer pressure.The full leg suit sure didn't help Hansen.

August 1st, 2008, 08:57 AM
Here's video of Kitajima destroying the world record in the 200m Br while wearing a full legskin LZR:

Allen Stark
August 3rd, 2008, 01:25 AM
Thanks,I had been waiting for that video.Maybe the suit helped some either physiologically or psychologically,but the main thing was technique.His stroke was MUCH flatter than last year.I love Hansen and I hope he kicks Kitajima's butt in the 100,but Kitajima's stroke was as near perfect as I have ever seen.

August 3rd, 2008, 10:26 AM
Having read Glenn Mills' description of his B70 experience one wonders whether the breaststrokers are adjusting their stroke to take advantage of the new suits? Possibly flatter with more glide? Glenn mentioned that he had the same stroke count in scm that he normally has in scy!


If it is true that these suits give more of an advantage if you adjust your stroke it might effect the idea of only wearing them in your big race ala shaving.

August 3rd, 2008, 11:01 AM
I'd wear a Blue Seventy Nero Comp (http://tinyurl.com/6dcwha)

Allen Stark
August 3rd, 2008, 02:55 PM
I have the Nero Comp and I'm not wearing it at Nats for BR.While it is true that if you ring it out carefully it doesn't float(and is therefore legal)when you wear it,it seems to float like a cork (I think because it holds so much air inside.)It was MUCH faster for me free,and swimming slow free in warm up my DPS went up dramatically.In BR my DPS was unchanged from my normal unshaved state.I think that is because I want to be underwater in the kick/streamline phase.I also found it inhibited undulation.For me,now,it isn't faster.