View Full Version : What is next for Phelps?

August 16th, 2008, 07:49 PM
Now, that Phelps is no doubt the greatest athlete ever. What is next for him? He is probably doing a press tour. I wonder if he will be on Oprah. Does he get a full hour on Larry King? Will he do Letterman or Leno? He has been on Leno several times. Would he go on Stern? Amanda Beard went to the Stern Show.

His mom was funny on Today show. She said something that Michael will go on vacation and of course, she couldn't disclose where he will be but the paparazzi will find him now that he has crippled the movie business for the last week. I think that he is a bigger celebrity than Obama.

I know that he won't get back in the pool til Febuary which is good for him. He needs a break and hopefully, his stomach won't take in so much food when he isn't swimming every day and 4 hours a day.

What events will he be dropping besides the 400 IM? I think that he should do the 400IM until he goes under 4:00.

Also, is his mom going to do her own press tour? You know that she might get a book deal. Plus, did she bring back the shoulder pads? She kind of looks like Delta Burke. She is so sweet. I could watch her cheer all day long. She is Michael's biggest cheerleader without being a stage mom. SHe could be one of these moms with the stop watch in the stands.

August 16th, 2008, 07:51 PM
2004 had the Swim With The Stars Tour including Phelps, Krayzelburg, and Crocker. I wonder if such a tour will be revisited?