View Full Version : BAD MANNERS!

August 30th, 2008, 10:39 AM
Hi to you all across the pond!

Iím looking to coach a masters club in the States. Donít mind if itís an established one or a newly formed club that I can build up.

Iíve replied to several posts here and very few people acknowledge my email. A little courtesy would be appreciated. People go to the trouble of advertising for a coach and coaches then put their resume together and apply with a certain amount of anticipation.

Itís just bad manners not to send an email saying the position has been taken.

(Rant over!)


September 1st, 2008, 04:44 AM
I Wish All The Best As Far As Securing A Position. I Wish You Could Come To My Town. The High School/usa Local Swim Coach Does Not Seem To Care About Masters Swimmers. His Comment Is No One Over The Age Of 18 Can Swim On His Team, It Is In The Charter. In Short He Is A Jerk With No Foresight That Older Volunteers Can Be A Great Asset. Consequently, I Train By Myself Relying On My High School And College Experiences. I Literally Have The Lap Swim Times Of 4 Different Pools To See Which One Will Be Open. It Is A Real Drag. I've Just Got Back Into Swimming After A 30 Year Hiatus And Even Though I Have A Long Way To Go Before I Achieve My Goals, I Am Enjoying Alot Of Fullfillment. What Would A Regularly Coached Workout Be Like-nirvana-ecstasy - Enough Of The Soap Box - Good Luck And When You Do Make It Welcome To The States.