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November 28th, 2008, 11:33 AM
Hi all,

I've got a couple of different problems with my ears at the moment, first off I've got a condition called surfers ear as a result of spending 7 years surfing cold and windy conditions without any ear protection. This is where the bone inside your ear canal actually starts growing in an effort to protect your ears. The net result of this is that eventually your ear canal becomes very very small and when water gets in it can be very difficult to get out.

So I usually wear some blue-tac in my ears to keep the water out, sounds funny I suppose but it works quite well. This is fine for the cold Atlantic but in a warm pool the blue-tac gets hot and stretchy and can be tough to get out of my ears. So I got some special silicon ear plugs made from moulds of my ear for swimming. This was working fine for the last couple of weeks but not well enough. They were letting small amounts of water in and now I've now got two ear infections to show for it, which isn't nice.

So two questions, 1) anyone got any good dry-land excercises I can do for the next 10 days and 2) any ideas for the ears?

I guess I could go back to the blue-tac and just deal with the mess, but I figure some of ye must have some good ideas about custom ear moulds. I wonder was the mould just cut a bit thin or was it the wrong material.

I'm also wondering if it was because I was blowing a hot hair dryer in my ears for a few seconds after getting out of the water, I just read that that's a no-no. Cool air at arms length is whats recommended. Could that have caused the infections?