View Full Version : Men's Pac 10's Underway

March 4th, 2009, 05:38 PM
The following link provides real-time results for the Men's Pac 10 Swimming Championships:



Ahelee Sue Osborn
March 4th, 2009, 07:19 PM
Jim what time does it start??

That Guy
March 4th, 2009, 07:24 PM
the host web site says that it starts at 6 pm PST.


March 4th, 2009, 10:23 PM
The fastest 50 breastroke split I've ever seen

Event 1 Men 200 Yard Medley Relay

School Seed Finals
1 C A L 'A' 1:26.18 1:23.98
1) 21.84 Russell, David P SR
2) 44.67 (22.83) Dugonjic, Damir SO
3) 1:05.03 (20.36) Moore, Graeme J SO
4) 1:23.98 (18.95) Clark, Bennett G SR

March 4th, 2009, 11:42 PM
great 800fr relay race with zona out touching stanford by .02. Live feed at pac-10.org.

Rich Abrahams
March 5th, 2009, 11:15 AM

That breastroke split is insane. I believe the fastest previous split was 23.33 by Dave Rollins who, BTW, says he going to masters sc nationals this year.


March 5th, 2009, 11:33 AM
I swim at the University of Washington and their assistants coach the masters team. They got off to a great start yesterday setting new school records in both relays, including an A cut in the 800 free, and also their leadoff swimmer broke the school record in the 200 free. I think they are going to have a great meet and surprise some people. Still, the best they can realistically finish is fourth.