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March 6th, 2009, 04:58 PM
I'm interested in doing some research on swim training and the type of effects it has on the individual (physically, emotionally, socially, ect) I thought I'd pose a question here:

When you were at your peak what kind of training were you doing (swim and dry-land)? What kind of times did you produce and personally what would you say the keys were to swimming those times? Be as specific as possible with your training (yearly cycles/yardage/intensity/specific workouts)

I'll answer:

I started swimming seriously about 2 years out of high school. I trained by myself with some minor instruction here and there from qualified people. I trained with the goal of competing (if I don't have a competitve goal I just don't go at something as hard).

I focused on getting in yardage (swimming around 30-35k a week) with weights off and on (high reps/low weight) and I also ran 2-3x a week (up to around 8 miles; come from running background) I'd be in the pool 6-8 times a week. Didn't really have cycles, my goal was to swim 4000+ yards a workout. During my main set I would push as much as possible. This hampered my social life quite a bit (especially swimming solo) but physically I was fit and I was stronger mentally. I also loved the swimmer's high.

I was able to reach times of 1:01 for 100yd FS/2:16 200 yd FS/6:19 500yd FS and 1:10 100yd FL/29s 50 yd FL

Now I can't really imagine my life without training for some competition or trying to beat some previous time. It's still exciting for me to be able to swim a 5000-6000yd workout and feel good afterwards, although a bit tired. I'm only 22 years old and feel that I have a lot more personal bests in me.