View Full Version : New column for your GTD spreadsheet

March 16th, 2009, 11:26 PM
I don't know how many of you out there in forumland are doing the Go The Distance fitness event. This year Mary added several new features to the spreadsheet, graphs, comparisons with previous years, a chart that shows how much of your goal distance you've completed, etc.

One of my failings when trying to keep up my yardage is that I don't have a very short term goal. For example, I have a yearly goal of 300 miles. That works out to 25 miles per month. But my month-in, month-out yardage varies quite a bit. I swim less in the winter and more in the summer. January and February weren't spectacular months for me, about 14 miles each, so I'm a bit behind my "target pace". But by how much?

Over the weekend it occurred to me that what I wanted to know was given my yearly goal, my current cumulative yardage and today's date, how much do I have to swim this week or, on average, for the rest of the year, per week? Now *that* I can handle. It turns out that I need to swim a bit less than 11,000 yards per week, on average, for the rest of the year to hit my target.

This isn't incorporated into Mary's standard GTD spreadsheet, but if you have some small facility with spreadsheets and would like to horse around with this modification, drop me a PM and I'll make a blank copy of my current GTD workbook for you. I'm open to suggestions and will make my blank Excel workbook available to Mary as well.