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March 23rd, 2009, 05:31 AM
Since Worlds are coming to Sweden in 2010, I thought I would post some highlights from this past weekends Masters "Nationals"....Masters swimming is really starting to catch on in Sweden. There were over 300 swimmers with roughly 1200 starts during our 3 day (4 session) meet. We only have 2 more large scale meets in Sweden before the 2010 Worlds. The next one is actually in Gothenberg, which will be LCM, Aug 2009 and the other in my town, Växjö, will be our "national Championships" SCM in March 2010.

Highlights from the weekend:
In addition to the 21 National records borken during our 3 day SCM championship meet, there were also 5 European records and 1 World records broken.

800m Free
Susanna Rosén, Ystads SS, 45-49 9.36,13 - European record

400 frisim
Britt Grilli, S o IK Hellas, 80 år, 7.53,24 - European record
Margareta Rainer, S o IK Hellas, 60 år, 5.39,11 - European record
Susanna Rosén, Ystads SS, 45 år, 4.38,86 - European record

50 m bröstsim
Per Svanberg, SS04, 35 år, 28,63 - World record

100 m ryggsim
Susanna Rosén, Ystads SS, 45 år, 1.10,40 - European record

March 24th, 2009, 01:45 AM
It sounds like it was a really good meet, I wish I would have swam when I lived in Sweden. I was way too busy skipping school and chasing girls to find my way into a pool. I did swim in the Baltic a few times and some really cool lakes though.

For those of you that aren't Swedish speakers...

frisim = freestyle
bröstsim = breast stroke
ryggsim = back stroke

I'm really excited about Worlds being in Sweden next year, I hope I can get there for it!