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June 29th, 2009, 05:27 PM
I tried a very unscientific experiment this weekend with 2 tech suits.
I swam very well this spring in a B70, but had other reasons for improvements (weights, change in asthma medication, training).
Not knowing until the last week that I could wear my B70 in a meet June 27-28, I ordered a Tyr Tracer Light. I wore the Tyr on Saturday and the B70 on Sunday. On both days, my backstroke events were disappointing, but the freestyle events were good.
On Sat: 200 back 1 second slower than a bad time last year; 100 free 5 seconds faster than same meet last year; 50 back 1 second faster than nationals last year (but still not a good time).
On Sun: 100 back 2 seconds slower than same meet last year; 200 free 9 seconds faster than same meet last year, 5 seconds faster than relay split at Colonies Zone; 800 free 14 seconds faster than nationals last year. However, I had not trained for distance for nationals, but have trained distance since.
I found in very interesting that the B70 was not necessarily faster than the Tyr, but I think it is more comfortable and seems sturdier.

June 29th, 2009, 06:39 PM
B70 will LAST much longer, so as to help the nation -- it should be unbanned !!

June 29th, 2009, 07:35 PM
I'm glad to see someone else bought both in the name of science :)

I own both a Tracer Light and B70 as well. Personally I like the Tracer way more than the B70. It fits me better and feels better in the water. But that's just me, I think it's all very body type dependent as to which suit ends up suiting you best. I found the B70 to feel "floatier" but not necessarily any faster than my Tracer Light. I'm just shy of 30 races in my Tracer and it has held up amazingly well for as much as I've worn it in a short period of time. The stitching on it is bomb-proof.

I wrote a review on the the Tracer Light a while ago here:

and one for the B70:

June 30th, 2009, 09:17 AM
Thanks for posting the links to your reviews.
I find breaststroke easier in the b70. It fits like skin and doesn't pull at the knee with my whip kick.
On sizing, I read somewhere to go by weight, not height when getting a b70. I did and mine fit correctly on the first try. For the Tyr, I ordered 2 sizes and returned one. For the first one, I only got it up to my knees and knew it was not the right size.
Because I had success with the b70 in Clovis, I will wear it at LC in Indianapolis. In a lake swim and another (one day) meet, I'll wear the Tyr. I have 2 breaststroke events at my next meet, so will be able to tell more about the Tyr then.

Chris Stevenson
June 30th, 2009, 09:20 AM
Rob, thanks for the helpful reviews/comparison. I have swum in B70 full body and leggings and while I own a pair of Tracer Light leggings, I haven't yet worn it in competition. I did like the fit when I tried it on. I think this comment in one of your reviews may well be exactly correct:

"I've swam in a few different bodysuits I think the cut and the way it fits you is much more important than what it's made out of."

In a little more than 3 weeks I'm going to swim in a meet that has a trials/finals format. I was considering comparing two different suits. I haven't decided between the following possibilities:

-- B70 leggings vs B70 full-body (to see if, or how much, having the full body design helps. Since leggings are usually significantly cheaper than full bodies, this would be nice to know.)
-- B70 leggings vs Tracer-Light leggings (to compare permeable vs non-permeable).

I've been leaning towards the former comparison, but your endorsement of the Tracer Light has intrigued me.