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July 16th, 2009, 02:42 PM
I was considering have the Badu Swim Jets installed in my pool that I am having built. Its not a large pool, so I will not be able to do laps in the pool. I am NOT a competitive swimmer and just swim for fitness. I was wondering if someone has tried the Badu system and would be able to comment on whether they worked or did not. I was considering getting the 2 jet streams. Thanks.

July 18th, 2009, 05:33 PM

My first question is can you vary the flow (speed)?

2 jets sounds like a good idea... easier to stay centered, or swim with a friend.

I'm betting you will want a marker on the bottom of the pool.

I've never tried a stationary swim system, but they seem to make some sense.

The first one I heard of was Endless Pools...
Rowdy Gaines is their poster boy.

The following Google searches yield more options...

This one is only $85 and looks like a good idea...
Anyone try something like this? I know Kiefer Swim Shop (http://www.kiefer.com/ProductDetails/StyleMasterDetails.aspx?pid={5ad86a66-ba0a-495b-a31a-c5c4458cf594}&gid={27fed893-9c4d-4f6a-8911-40989256223f}&pname=StretchCordz+-+Short+Belt+4+ft&Referer=&Alias=&ptct=SGR-SR&CTitle=&) has a belt and cords.

Portable current generator...

"Fastlane"... also by Endless Pools...