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July 20th, 2009, 11:38 PM
So here's my story. I swam a meet this past Saturday and did pretty good. Got a :26.11 on the 50m free and a :58.86 on the 100m free, this was LCM. Here are some stats from the race:

1st length: 36spl, 6 sdks, split was about :27.5 (guessing based on time from the camera)
2nd length: 40spl, 5 sdks, split was :31.36

My dive was pretty bad as I my feet and hands hit at the same time. I think my turn was ok. My observation is this: I feel that if I can swim the 50 in almost 26 flat, it seems I should be able to hit a :56.xx for the 100.

So, my question is how do I work on this? Based on the "splits" it looks like I should develop more endurance for the 2nd 50? Also, is there any way to tell what a optimum spl would be for a 5' 10," 174lb swimmer would be? I've got a semi-long term goal of going :54-:56. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Video provided below. Thanks.:banana:

YouTube - Colin 100m free 07 18 09

July 21st, 2009, 06:17 AM
I'm no expert but it looked like your start in that video was a bit off. Looks like you kinda flopped into the water (and I think I heard a big flop sound, unless that was someone else).

July 21st, 2009, 06:46 AM
how were you effected by the guy in the lane next to you?

he seems to have come from behind around 35-40m and then with 15ms or so left it looked like you tried to dig in, but had nothing left.

that said my last 100lcm
opened in 29.57 felt fine came back in 33.41 for 1:02.98

it will be a year before I can swim the 100 lcm again, but I am hoping to get down to 1:00.xx

July 21st, 2009, 08:53 AM
Work your finish in practice, yours looked short and choppy at the end.

I am not sure you are benefiting from the SDK off the turn. You have the leg strength to blast your push off with a tight streamline and make it past the flags fast before you need to kick. If you are getting in 5 SDK off the turn, and only making it to the flags (that is what it looks like from the video), you aren't benefiting from the kick. Here is Phelps getting one kick in before the flags. Seven kicks to the 15.

YouTube - Michael Phelps turn

You have good DPL, so you next big speed drop will come from increasing your turnover. Sacrifice some distance and work on increased turnover. Once you have adapted to the new tempo, you can work on returning to old dpl, and both steps should result in a speed increase.

I think your 56 goal is reasonable considering your 50, but your back half is really falling off. Ideally, going out 27.5 you can come back 29.0, but 27.5, 29.5 would be decent. Four seconds is way too much. Your workouts are too sprint focused so you need more shorter rest sets to build up more tolerance to latate.

July 21st, 2009, 10:26 AM
You clearly get fatigued on the 2nd 50. Your kick is very strong on the first, so fitness staying the same, maybe turn the first 50 kick into a more moderate tempo kick and really get it going on the 2nd 50- basically flip what you did. A strong kick takes oxygen and you're breathing every other stroke, so maybe breathe more as well if you are going to kick that strong from the start.

In terms of spl, the optimal number would be fewer :). But it is more than just spl. If you don't have it, pick up Dave Salo's book, Complete Conditioning for Swimming. There's a good discussion regarding spl and dps and a few tests will allow you to compare yourself to elite swimmers. You have a video already, so that will provide you with enough info to compare. But sit down when you read it- it's a little bit of an eye-opener. Good luck, and nice swim.

July 21st, 2009, 05:56 PM
I thought you looked really good for the first 50 and like the other guys said, you weren't in condition to hold that pace. Your start can get better but other than that, what you did outside the water looked very good. You're goal is a good one that should be attainable with some hard work. It looks like you're an athlete so, having the wil to work hard isn't probably the question. The question is; do you have the time to train? If you only want to concentrate on improving the 50 and the 100, you'll need a lot less time to train that for something longer (200). There's a lot of training tips on this site, so find one that has some logic to it and stick with it. If you'd like my two cents, email me at tomtopo@netzero.com. A video from an underwater perspective (at race pace) would be very helpful. Good luck to you! Coach T.

John C Smith
July 21st, 2009, 06:11 PM
Gbrain is correct. Turnover speed is crucial. Shortening the front of your stroke just a bit and cranking the arms is crucial in a sprint. Obviously , you don't want to shorten it too much.

Easy speed on the way out is the secret. Big kick! Everyone is in pain on the way back. It always feels a lot uglier than it looks.... :-)

July 21st, 2009, 06:35 PM
OK - straight talk from the German ...

- your start is terrible, your feet are entering at the same time as your arms. Practice diving your entire body through one spot in the water -- put a board about 7 or 8 feet out and do dives ... or even better, get some sort of hoop and dive through that.

- in terms of your splits and potential, you need figure out what kind of swimmer you are ... by nature are you a sprinter, mid-distance, or distance ? From the look of things you are a sprinter at least right now. Go see how the best sprinters in the world are splitting their race -- and go from there.

Nathan Adrian swims a 21.5 in the 50. He went out a 22.9 in the 100 and came home about 2 seconds slower for a 48 flat. So if you swim a 100 as well as him, you would go out in about 27.7/8 and come back in 29 high (the time differences for the first and second 50 should be proportional to your speed). If can swim a 26.1, anything around 58 is very good.

If you want to be faster, you either need to drop your 50 time or get in better aerobic shape than the sprinters.

July 21st, 2009, 06:51 PM
- in terms of your splits and potential, you need figure out what kind of swimmer you are ... by nature are you a sprinter, mid-distance, or distance ? From the look of things you are a sprinter at least right now.

At least in terms of how he split the race, but his stroke doesn't really look like a sprinter's stroke. Not a fast enough turnover. Yeah, I think he needs to increase his aerobic conditioning and also work on a faster turnover.

Don't take this as negative, though, funkyfish. I thought your stroke mechanics looked pretty good. You've got a big, powerful pull. The only thing I could see was you might be burying your head a little too much. And a sub 59 second 100 meter free is really pretty darn good.

July 21st, 2009, 07:11 PM
Thanks for the replies folks, will begin working on the suggestions. As an aside, I just found out that the electronic timing was off by .3-.4 seconds, so my time was more around a :59.26, which is still a modest improvement over my time from last year. Oh well. Again, thanks for the feedback.

July 21st, 2009, 09:07 PM
The only thing I could see was you might be burying your head a little too much.

Awww, Kirk stole my comment.

Really look at your head position for that first 50. You should not have water breaking on the back of your neck.

July 22nd, 2009, 10:54 AM
haven't watched your video but to improve your 100 LCM free,
train for the 200

27.5 31.36 is almost a 4 second diff, that's too much
go out a little easier, breathe a lot, then bring it home faster,
it's all about your 2nd 50,
keep your 50's within 1.5 - 2.5 seconds 2.0 is ideal
I concentrate on saving my legs for the 2nd 50

here's how swimmers split their races at world trials

2009 Conoco Phillips National Championships
Event 20 Men's 100m Freestyle Finals (http://omegatiming.com/swimming/racearchives/2009/Indy2009/C73A1_Res1Heat_120_Finals_1_Men_100_Free.pdf)

2009 Conoco Phillips National Championships
Event 26 Women's 100m Freestyle FINALS (http://omegatiming.com/swimming/racearchives/2009/Indy2009/C73A1_Res1Heat_126_Finals_1_Women_100_Free.pdf)

in practice work on :
+ speed
+ correct splitting: even splitting & negative splitting
+ easy speed
+ kicking faster & 6 beat kicking

train harder smarter further faster more often
with a coach with a team