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July 3rd, 2003, 09:20 AM
Does anyone know how best to run distance events fastest to slowest and alternating sexes with Hy-Tek? Is there any way to do it with the program or must I use a word processor to correctly enter the start times and heat order?

July 3rd, 2003, 06:27 PM
One way to seed the distance events the way you describe is to set up the event as a "mixed" event with one event number (not a separate event number for men and a separate one for women). Seed the event automatically, fastest to slowest, as you would for any event. Then go into the "Run" screen, click on that event, then go to the button that says, "Adjust." That will bring up all heats and lanes, and you can manually adjust the heats by dragging the swimmers' names from one heat to another*. Once you have all women in one heat and all men in the next, still seeding correctly by time within each heat, and heats seeded fastest to slowest, you click on "accept" on the left of the screen. You can then print out the heat sheet in the order you specified.

*If you have full heats, you will note that when you drag a swimmer (Swimmer "A") from the originally assigned heat to the heat and lane where you want them to swim, the swimmer originally assigned to that heat and lane (Swimmer "B") will automatically be bounced to the heat and lane originally assigned to Swimmer A. If a heat is not full, you can use an empty lane to tempoarily "park" a swimmer while you are making the moves.

It may take a several moves to finalize your seeding, but I have used this method several times for high school meets where the league rules require all "A" teams to be the the championship final and all "B" teams to be in the consolation final, regardless of entered times.