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September 30th, 2009, 07:57 AM
Does anyone know a training watch / heart rate monitor that fits the description in Emmett Hines' book (Fitness Swimming; p15)? That is, has a Heart rate monitor signal receiver and (I quote) "multiple stop-watch functions, including Lap-split memory with Countdown- and Countup interval timers"

The watches I find seem to have either HRM or these timers, but not both. Should one just get a hrm watch and a timex? Like 1 for each wrist?...

As a beginner i found hines` specification somewhat difficult (what's "lap-split" memory? an interval timer?)

I just don't want to find out into the workouts that I can't do something because I lack a function.

Theres no pace clocks where i swim. I already have a polar heart rate belt.

So, can you recommend some decent watches with heart rate display?