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dolphin bear
November 10th, 2009, 02:58 PM
Dear Masters Swimmers with an interest in Open Water Swimming,

One common problem in the domestic United States is that our ocean, pool, bay and lake water gets pretty cold during the winter months which makes training in the open water very difficult and a bit unpleasant - ice cream headaches, going numb, little things like that...Its tough to train in the open water when its so very cold :bolt:so most of us head for the pool...all good...the pool is great for a while in the winter but then, you just want to get back in the open water and swim freely, swim without the lane lines, adapting to the conditions and loving the whole open water swimming experience.

Well, this winter, you can swim in Paradise.

A few very experienced open water swimmers / coaches / and mentors are combining efforts and we are putting together a Monday thru Saturday training trip in beautiful Baja California in early February of 2010.

Imagine open water training, learning open water tactics, pacing, racing and having a super fun mid-winter training session in the beautiful Baja California sun and warm water! :applaud::applaud: yippeee!

Our background
We have a unique recipe of coaches and mentors involved in this project and we plan on making this an annual part of our year 'round offerings for open water swimmers and triathletes.

Our Sunny & Happy Open Water Training Camp Plan
Our training plan will be 4 full days of double days, training, discussions, strategy, tips and on the last day a performance swim of either 1K, 5K, or 10K. The water will be fairly warm, the sun will be shining, the water will be clear and you will want to be there swimming and loving it!

Arrive Monday and Leave Saturday - miss one week of work
You will arrive on Monday and leave on Saturday giving you just enough time to get back to your home on Saturday night, spend Sunday with your family and get back to work on Monday (with a nice suntan and a whole lot of great open water swimming under your belt!):bliss:

There are two hotels right on the water which we are investigating as for prices, services and ambiance...Both are nice.

Our Participants
As far as speed goes, we'd like to get swimmers and triathletes who are experienced in the open water and occasionally or often do competitions in the warm water months. As far as age goes, typical Master's swimmers ages vary greatly and that's great. Its mostly about your enthusiasm for the open water swimming and your desire to train in the sun for one week this winter. We are looking to have between 15 and 20 swimmers.

Gorgeous beaches, bays & desert - beautiful Baja California
We will be swimming in gorgeous terrain, pristine bays, empty beaches, over interesting reefs, rocks, sandy beaches, whales breeching in the distance, flocks of pelicans, bright blue sky juxtaposed on white sandy beaches, desert quietly laying in the background...

You need sun! You need warm water! You need to swim!
If you think by February you will be itching for a sunny and warm open water swim training trip...then grab a couple of your teammates and join us in Baja California...It will be an EPIC swim trip you will cherish for a lifetime. By bringing some teammates you can rally harder and take back experiences together.

Cost and Registration
Cost and Registration for our Open Water Swim Trip will be announced and available very soon. Probable dates will be from Feb 1 to Feb 6

Interested? Write us an email?
This is just a preliminary shout out to get you all thinking about it!
Let us know if you are interested and we'll put you on our real email list...
Or feel free to write me at my real email address (hankwise@gmail.com) and give us an idea of your experience in the open water and your availability in early Feb 2010.

Many thanks-

Dolphin Bear and the Crew!


dolphin bear
June 18th, 2010, 02:39 PM
hi open water swim crew-

just checking in regarding the baja open water swim thing...

okay since that post in November I've been working on

1. building a master's team
2. getting in shape for a Catalina Channel crossing
3. racing in the open water

Building a Master's Team- yes we've got one going -
Beach Swim Club Masters - aka "the Tribe" - is going big these days with 4 pool practices and one ocean practice a week. We practice at the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool - the Cathedral of Swimming in Long Beach. How many of you have enjoyed the Belmont Plaza Pool in Long Beach?
5:30 - 6:40 M/T/W/F - Thursdays at Seal Beach Pier

Mondays is drafting freestyle day. Tuesdays is mixed bag stroke / free sprint and mid distance. Wednesday is IM day. Thursdays is Ocean Swimming with the Sea Monkeys at Seal Beach Pier 5:30 arrival / 5:45 swimming and Fridays is back at Belmont Plaza for a Pam Special :canada: (Pam is canadian and she swam for Etobeko - pretty core club up there)- grindy freestyle sets with some fly thrown in sometimes...

Do you master's guys and gals have your weeks broken out into designated days of IM / distance / sprint and so on? If you are a local master's swimmer and you are reading this and you are interested come swim with us if you want to...just good fun and lots of good swimming...

Getting in Shape for a Catalina crossing-:banana:
been hitting the open water a bunch and the gym and the pool...set this goal at the end of last summer and getting pumped for my Mount Everest...Hey, its in my own backyard and i've thought about / dreamt about it long enough..now its time to make it real. Steve Munatones is helping me prep up, kayaking for me a bit and giving me good advice. I got a lot of good info at the Global Open Water Swim Conference in Long Beach (June 5th)...Training is going well - we are doing a 3.3 mile swim tomorrow, just a training swim, assisted by kayakers, paddlers, etc...from Corona del Mar to North Laguna...Its part of a free swim series I'm developing called the Laguna Ladder...good times...

Racing a bunch-:bolt::bliss:
The Tribe raced at the HB Pier Swim and we did quite well...I won my age group and 3 other BEACH guys won their age groups and we picked up a bunch of seconds / thirds too...We won the team trophy which we've won almost every year since 1998...We've swam under the name Swim Focus (SwimFocus.org) for many years but now we are swimming under the name BEACH because we are at the Belmont and my kids program (Rocket Fish) is also under BEACH and I swam for BEACH growing up and basically its just time to get BEACH back on the radar...I love BEACH swim club and its our plan to bring BEACH back to its original place of strength in Long Beach and the Southern California scene...

We, BEACH, "the Tribe" will be racing again July 10th at the Newport Beach 2.2 mile Pier to Pier and also July 11th the Seal Beach Pier Swim...
The Newport thing might be a light showing but we are expecting the Seal Beach Rough Water Swim to be well attended by our team both young and old...

Anyways, the Baja California Swim Experience thing didn't happen this last year...it just wasn't quite right...needed more research and more ramping up but it will happen sometime...its perfect for it...there is a company called Baja Adventures or something that is offering a similar trip to what we are putting together...Have any of you been roping into SwimTrek or have any of you tried BajaAdventures swim expeditions? Let me know how they went...or what you did on the trip?

If i figure out how to load photos I'll post some photos here but in the meantime, please respond to my little thread here, ask questions, bro down and keep it real - happy swimming! Happy open water training! and I'll let you know how the Catalina thing goes (Sept 28 through Oct 15 is my window of performance)...all good -peace out -

Dolphin Bear

:angel:what up Gerry!? what up Steve!?:angel: