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July 18th, 2003, 08:36 AM

Although based in Birmingham, UK, my employer has arranged for me to carry out a work assignment for ~3 months, based in San Francisco, Aug-Oct inclusive.

So ... I'd be looking for somewhere to train. Having seen the club listings, there seems quite a choice, although some are fairly limited e.g. not allowing 'day visits' etc. Does anyone know whether such clubs allow 'exceptions' ... like, for say a 3-month membership ?? :) Any advice, suggestions would be welcome.

Also, looking for possible competitions in the general vicinity - spotted the Alcatraz swim - any swimming anecdotes from swimmers who've done this in the past?

(I'm 44, a fairly keen swimmer - train 4-5 times a week ~20,000 metres or so; ex British/European 1500m Masters records.)



July 18th, 2003, 11:28 AM
I can't help you directly with where to train in San Francisco, but the Alcatraz swim is worth doing--there are several options, but the easiest one to enter is using Active.com, and entering the October 4 swim. Its usually a little rough and a little cold, but doable. Some swimmers wear wetsuits, but many do not.

Try the Pacific Masters website for more information regarding where to swim and different competitions. http://www.pacificmasters.org/index.shtml I will try to get someone to post with more direct information on training locations.

There is a big swim in San Francisco, which is the Tiburon Swim, sponsored by Bob Placak--well worth doing, and I think it is on Sept. 14. It has a mix of college swimmers, professional long distance swimmers, and world class competitors--together with lots of masters folks.

If you want to travel a little farther, the La Jolla Roughwater on Sept. 7 is a great swim(down by San Diego), and the Waikiki Roughwater swim on Sept. 1 in Hawaii is another fun, exciting, highly competitive swim. The water in Waikiki will be much warmer than in San Francisco. You can find links to all those swims at http://www.mortonsaltreport.homestead.com/raceschedule.html
Hawaii is probably a $400 plane ticket from San Francisco, and San Diego(if you want to do the La Jolla Roughwater is probably about a $100 plane ticket.

Good luck.

Tom Ellison
July 18th, 2003, 11:56 AM
Alcatraz is a great swim....and since you are from the UK and have that stiff upper lip thing going for you, swim it as a purest without the wet suit. It is a much better swim that way. Enviorsports is another great sponsor for this swim. I believe they are located at enviorsports.com

Also, the folks at the South End Rowing Club (right next to the National Maritime Museum on the wharf) are a serious class act and very decent folks. They swim in the San Francisco Bay every day, no wet suits....YOU WILL LOVE THOSE FOLKS!

Enjoy America and welcome…..

jim clemmons
July 18th, 2003, 02:34 PM

Will you be residing in San Francisco proper or one of the surrounding cities? Where will your work location be? I may have some ideas to help you with the workout possibilities.