View Full Version : Online Entry for 2010 Short Course Nationals

February 23rd, 2010, 12:00 PM
Online entry is now available for the 2010 Short Course Nationals at Georgia Tech.

There's an update to the online entry system that many of you will notice right away. If you are currently logged in to the forums (if you see "Welcome, username" in the upper right of this page) and you have linked your forums login to your membership via My USMS in the past, then all of your personal information will be auto-populated in the first page of your online entry. All you'll need to fill out on that first page is the email address confirmation and your emergency contact info.

The early entry discount of $10 off your meet surcharge ($40 instead of $50) expires on April 6, so don't wait too long to submit your entry.

Online entry link (https://www.usms.org/comp/scnats10/onlineentry.php)