View Full Version : Muscle vibration and Fatigue

Gareth Eckley
August 31st, 2003, 04:12 AM
I have seen the claims of swimwear manufacturers that the new body suits reduce muscle vibration and thus fatigue during an event. This is because of the compression of the body within the suit.

Has anyone found this to be correct ? Do you have less fatigue when wearing these ?

In a conversation with a swim friend he mentioned that long term swimmers can end up when older with 'neuro-muscular' problems, muscle tremors, because of long hours of training. He said that the muscle vibration that occurs when swimming, especially in the flutter kick, can lead to these problems.

I have not yet found any studies or info to confirm this. Does anyone know of articles covering this ?

If this is a "danger factor" then wearing swim suits that compress the muscles would be a good preventative measure throughout training.