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September 1st, 2003, 03:54 PM

After 2 previous delays due to bad weather, high waves, horrid winds and emotional letdowns......

my 9.2-mile swim from New Buffalo, Michigan to Michigan City, Indiana is a success. I finished in four hours and twenty-six minutes. My crew attests that I actually swam closer to 11-miles or 17, 702 meters due to my swerving, currents, winds, waves, and close encounters with speeding boats.

I was able to stop and tread water every 40-minutes and recharge with Gatorade and energy shots---thank you cliff and power-gels. I never once touched the boat, bottom, or another person. Just floating in the water; polo style.

I can truely admit that this was the hardest physical challenge of my entire life. I was ready to give in at about 7-miles due to leg and arm cramps, as well as groin and back pain....but had some mental toughness that kept me going. The 67-degree water made the swim tougher than I expected.

My 5-person crew of captain John Glikis, MGM coach, Mark Morrin and MGM swimmers, Laura and Lynn Witt as well as Karen Wescott made this swim a memory of a lifetime. I have to also thank 'FINAL ANSWER'---John Glikis's wonderful boat that behaved like a true champion. Laura and Karen helped out with my pacing by swimming with fins right along side me---being sure never to touch me.

I hope to have a personal journal to submit to the next issue of CMSA Lanelines. Make sure you check it out. If not, I'll make sure I post the entire journal here.

Have fun in the water. I'll see you at Big Shoulders

In Recovery,
Mark Urban:D :) :p :cool:

September 1st, 2003, 08:50 PM

U have a memory u will never forget and a goal that u can be truly proud of. U deserve a rest and rehab for a few days.
Now on to the next dream into reality. Nice going.