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October 7th, 2010, 04:46 PM
This event captured my imagination some time ago, and I was hoping to complete the swim as an individual swim. In 2010, they limited the race to relays only.

I have swam the Donner Lake Swim several times, and have some familiarity with the area... and some advice to do the swim on a budget and enjoy the area. This could be an enjoyable long weekend with family and friends, or team camaraderie for the lone swimmer.

Several itineraries participants might enjoy is flight to San Francisco or Sacramento, and Amtrak to Truckee, CA... shared costs for our relay team would include a 15 passenger van from Sacramento - one of the idiosyncrancies I have noted in traveling to the Reno - Tahoe area is flights to Sacramento are as much as $100 cheaper - auto rental is simply impossible to avoid.

Please post a comment and email / email address if you think you might want to form a relay team in 2011. Email from the Olympic Club follows...


Hello William,

The 2011 Olympic Club Trans Tahoe Relay will be held Saturday, July 23rd next year.

Registration for this event will open January 1st, 2011. Please start preparing your teams so you can register early to guarantee your teams participation. You will find the registration link here:

http://www.olyclub.com/html_general/oc_events-frameset.html (http://www.olyclub.com/html_general/oc_events-frameset.html)

See you at The Lake.
The Trans Tahoe Committee

The Olympic Club
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October 8th, 2010, 03:09 AM
I'm a little bummed that they've cancelled the solo division... I did the relay in 2009 as part of a team of folks from the Silicon Valley Tri Club and the Santa Cruz Tri Club. It was tons of fun... Our team ,"Naked to The End", was a lot of fun, and yes, we all did take a couple of turns naked except for the swim caps of course!

I'd love to do the relay again, and am going again to try to form a team of people I used to swim with in college. That would be a cool reunion! Of these folks, one's sister owns a boat and lives reasonably close to Tahoe. That should make it easier and cheaper.

As for doing the swim solo, I'd just as much assume to do the swim on my own with a support boat. A friend of mine wants to swim the length of Tahoe, so we're going to trade support services. I just want to swim the width of the lake for now... :)