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September 10th, 2003, 11:48 PM
Greetings all:

I am at the cyber cafe at the United States Aquatics Sports Convention in San Diego, CA; with Mary Pohlmann and Carl Saxton. We are representing our LMSC-Central well. We've been in meeting all afternoon and evening.

Topics: What are you interested?

Topics: What would you like USMS to do?

Topic: What communication would you like to be conveyed to you?

Discussion: On safety-Waikiki Roughwater, Shark attack in CA. (I am definitely not going in the ocean here-too bad I wanted to try to out swim the shark. LOL)

What meet directors need to know and I just found out that it's my responsibility to pull sanctions if I don't feel a race is safe.

I will be putting updates daily if I can manage to get away from our meeting and socials. :^)

Hope all is well in IL.
See you all on deck.

September 11th, 2003, 03:02 PM
Allo from beautiful San Diego! The weather is wonderful, the flowers are in full bloom, the sun is shinning....but unfortunately, we're all stuck inside attending meetings.

Normally, at the CMSA semi-annual meeting in the fall, the delegates would present their reports on all the meetings, workshops, etc. that they attended. However, as you may have noticed in the current issue of Lane Lines, we're really going to focus on the By-Laws. Therefore, the three of us (Mary, Nadine and myself) will be posting our reports here, in the central discussion forums. Please feel free to ask any questions, concerns, etc. and we'll try to get you your answers (Bob, we still researching your question).

Keep swimming hard and get ready for GRIN in October!

oh, and Nadine wanted to me bug you meet directors to hurry up and get your meet sanction requests into her NOW (ok, she didn't tell me to say that in exactly that way, but the message is the same) :D

Carl Saxton

September 12th, 2003, 11:34 AM
Action items
1. The Registration Committee during the next year will develop recommendations for functional system requirements for a national registration database.

1. Privacy of member's data was discussed. The Registrar's have all the information (name, adress, phone, birth, etc.). The question is, how much information to pass along and to whom. Registrar's are encouraged to look at Pacific Masters website to see how it is set up (www.pacificmasters.org).

2. Membership is currently at about 40,000. This is only 96% of last year's total.

3. Now that everybody has a standarized USMS number, it is easier to track member when they transfer from one LMSC to another. Their USMS # will stay the same regardless of the transfer. Registrar's will be receiving new encrypted software in November that will enable them to lookup any USMS member and see if they were previously registred with another LMSC.

4. As of today, all 52 LMSCs have converted to LeoWare. This makes tracking members so much easier. Additionally, all but 10 LMSCs (CMSA is not included in this 10) have supplied the National Office with a copy of their registration forms that are now available both on the USMS website and the local LMSC website.

5. Anna Lee (Chair of the committee) will continue to distribute alerts, hints and exchange of information on registration issues.

September 12th, 2003, 11:41 AM
Action items:
1. Recommendation to the Marketing Committee to develop a presentation for these materials to include a brochure and a CD-ROM. The CD should include a Power Point presentation, the TV advertisement used during the World Championships, and any other relevant materials.
2. Committee will work on developing a distribution list for the materials to be developed by Marketing.
3. The Planning Committee will develop a process to conduct such a review. This process will be patterend after VVMOST (Value Vision Mission Objective Strategies Tactics) as used by ASCA and USA Swimming. When the process is developed, a task force will be formed that could include members from other committees as deemed necessary.

1. Two $500 grants were awarded, 1 to Midwestern LMSC and 1 to Mountana LMSC, to send a delegate to this convention.
2. Future grant responsibility will now fall to the Zone Committee.
3. In regards to action item #1, the Planning Committee will gather materials/suggestions by November 1, 2003, and send to the Marketing Committee by January 1, 2004. Marketing will them submit a draft back to the Planning Committee by March 31, 2004.
4. Planning voted to approve a $1300 budget for this action item #1.
5. When action item #3 is completed, the Planning Committee will form a task force to complete this action item.

September 12th, 2003, 06:56 PM
This was a Block Meeting that included the following committees: Communications, Publications, Registration, Marketing

The USMS Executive Committee has taked the Marketing committee with coming up with a strategic marketing plan. The Marketing committee in conjunction with the other committees in this block meeting were to begin researching this directive.

The meeting covered a wide range of discussions of the many needs and wants of USMS relative to building and serving the organization. Some of the ideas that were discussed were:
- The advisability and methodology for creating a task force to develop a marketing plan.
- Why build a stategic marketing plan? Is it needed?
- Target markets - fitness, competition, coaches, facilities, triathletes.
- Ways to gather information - what we need to know.

September 12th, 2003, 07:09 PM
Action item:
1. Request that the Recognition and Awards Committee consider restructuring the Newsletter of the Year Award into a Communications Award.

1. The new LMSC handbook now includes a section on tips for preparing newsletters. A sub-committee was appointed to review this section and add to it if need be.
2. Web Content and Website Navigation - a subcommittee was formed to look into improving both of these areas.
3. The committee looked at who is responsible for welcoming new members; USMS or the local LMSC. It was felt that this responsibility would fall to the local club. However, the committee agreed to further look into and add a target date of publishing tips in the 2005 LMSC handbook.
4. How can the Communications Committee help the WebMasters, Swim Magazine Newsletter, National Office and the LMSCs overall communications. Much discussion centered on the website and the professional (or lack there-of) conduct by a few members that post to the discussion forums. From time to time, temporary bans have been implemented by the WebMaster. It was agreed by all that the WebMasters is doing a good and fair job of determining if and when to delete posts and if and when to ban a member. It was also noted that if any member logged into the discussion forums (**note, if you log in under "guest", you are only able to read the posts, nothing else), and found a particular post offensive in any way, there is a "report" button that you can click on, and a message is sent immediately to the WebMasters, USMS President and Communications Committee Chair.
5. Bill Volcckening submitted a proposal that would rename the Newsletter of the Year Award to the Communications Award (name will be changed later). This new award would include any or all of the following: Newsletter, Website, Outstanding contributions to communications within USMS, and Outstanding long-term contributions to communcations to USMS. Much discussion centered on wether the wording should be changed that the awards would be presented to a LMSC who did all four, or just did one extreemly well. In the end, a majority of the committee voted to keep the wording as proposed, "...any or all..." (**note, Carl voted against this. Since it's a communications award, I thought all four criteria should be used, but I was in the minority). The proposal was sent to the Awards and Recognition Committee for approval before being sent to the House of Delegates for final approval.

September 13th, 2003, 05:07 AM
Yeah, just got in from workout tonight at 2:00 am. Scott williams and Micheal Collins made a few of us workout at this ungodly hour.

Is this crazy or what?

We swam and danced 5,000 meters. in 1 1/2 hours and then we did a marthon dance at the Martini Shaker Room
And then they're making me get up at at 5:30 for another workour 50 x 50 UGH. It's convention suppose to be fun.


September 13th, 2003, 05:06 PM
Action items:
1. Adopt guidelines for all LMSC Officials Chairs
2. Send officiating scenarious and lessons learned examples to SWIM magazine and LMSCs.

1. Assigned the Officials Committee liasions for the 2004 Short and Long Course Championships.
2. Agreed to work with USA Swimming to have officials from both USMS and USA Swimming cross work meets.
3. Discussed duties for the LMSC Officials Chairs and approved guidelins for Chairs to follow.

September 13th, 2003, 09:40 PM
Originally posted by carlsaxton
Action items:
1. Recommendation to the Marketing Committee to develop a presentation for these materials to include a brochure and a CD-ROM. The CD should include a Power Point presentation, the TV advertisement used during the World Championships, and any other relevant materials.

I don't know if it is too late, but I suggest the presentation be in PDF, html files, or some other open source format, rather than the Microsoft proprietary PowerPoint. (That also goes for Word and Excel documents, which never seem to convert in a reasonable manner.)

September 13th, 2003, 09:54 PM
Greetings from San Diego.

Weve just about finished up the business of the 2003 USMS Convention. It has been a busy and productive one. One item that will affect all USMS registered clubs is the increase in the club dues for 2004 to $30 from $20. With no change in the CMSA portion, that means that each USMS registered club will need to pay $35 per year, instead of $25 per year, in order for their individual swimmers to register. The fee that CMSA pays as an LMSC has also been increased to $30 per year, or $40 if paid late. There has been no further increase in dues for individuals.

The bid for 2005 USMS LC Nationals was awarded to Mission Viejo, California, August 10-14, 2005. Bids were reopened for 2005 USMS SC Nationals, having received no certifiable bids on time. There will be a Pan America Games to be held in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic in June 2005. The United States will bid for the 2006 FINA World Masters Championships to be held at Stanford in August of 2006. If we are successful in being awarded the FINA Worlds, USMS will hold no Long Course Championships in 2006.

Many other exciting topics were covered including new Fitness and Sports Medicine initiatives. Ill report on these later, but I need to get ready for the Banquet now.


September 15th, 2003, 01:36 PM
The Awards & Recognition Committee rejected the Communications request to replace the Newletter of the Year Award with a Communications Award.

Instead, the Awards & Recognition Committee suggested that the Communications Committee create new awards for the different types of communications that are out there and then resubmit to the Awards & Recognition Committee for approval (now you know why things take so long within USMS).

September 16th, 2003, 02:35 PM
Originally posted by mattson

I don't know if it is too late, but I suggest the presentation be in PDF, html files, or some other open source format, rather than the Microsoft proprietary PowerPoint. (That also goes for Word and Excel documents, which never seem to convert in a reasonable manner.)

I'll pass this suggestion along. Right now we're gathering information for the next few months. The finalized version isn't due until next September 2004, so we'll have plenty of time to tweak it and make sure the presentation materials are easily accessible for anybody who wants them.

September 20th, 2003, 11:10 AM
You can preview the convention minutes at the link below.
I will summarize meetings that I attend this weekend that pertains to us directly.