View Full Version : Corporate sponsor needed

April 20th, 2011, 11:22 AM
Hey guys,
I'm starting a new event, hopefully august of this year, the proceeds go to three different charities, the local YMCA, an as yet un-named medical charity, and a fund to send police officers to the World Police and Fire Games. We are going to do a virtual relay swim across Lake Michigan (about 85 miles) at the YMCA swim pool and I would like to get 1. a large corporate sponsor (whose name I'm willing to attach to the event). 2. I would like to get a hold of Speedo or swimoutlet, or Tyr, or pretty much anyone asking them to provide our swimmers with product but even with internet I've found it very difficult to find a point of contact at any of these business'

By the way, this is not the typical add up your mileage over the year type virtual swim, we will be having multiple swimmers do the virtual swim all in one event, I'm thinking about 50 hours of continuous swimming, still working on lifeguards for the midnight shift lol.