View Full Version : 2004 SC Nationals ?'s

September 24th, 2003, 06:57 PM
Would people be willing to share some info on past meets? I'm interested in going to nationals in '04, and it will be a first for me. I'd like to hear about different things---when do you usually arrive, a day before, two? What is your schedule for the day (as far as arriving at the pool, warmups, swimming your event, afterwards, etc.)? Anything anyone would be willing to share would be wonderful! Thanks!

October 2nd, 2003, 01:04 PM
Indy is a good place to be. Good pool, restaurants, reasonable hotels, plus they have experience running meets. I saw their list of hotels and think they are a little high-priced this year so you should check for better prices online. If you are coming from far away, Southwest Airlines flies there.

I usually get there one day ahead then I can warm up in the competition pool- swim, do some starts, turns and maybe avoid the crowded pool the next morning. I just kind of get settled in.

The timeline at Nationals varies. Indy usually draws a pretty large crowd. You will have a pool to warm up in before your events, although sometimes it is the diving well. Massage is always available-usually $1.00 per minute but last time in Indy, I think they may have used students and asked for donations but there were also LMT's available.

That's all I can think of right now.

October 21st, 2003, 06:28 PM
The meets last all day, so you should plan to know about when your events will be so you can get to the pool when you need to. Realtime results are available, so having internet access is a definite plus. Then you won't be worried that you'll miss your event by sitting at your hotel or in a restaurant.

Book your hotel early if you want to get one close to the pool and on the shuttle route.

Don't really plan on doing a lot other than eating, sleeping, and swimming :D

EDIT: oops, I see there will be no shuttle for Indy. Make that "book your hotel early to get one within ealking distance of the pool."

October 27th, 2003, 10:15 PM
I usually try and arrive at least one day before I swim, though sometimes that doesn't happen, but its real nice to get into the competition pool and get in a short swim before the chaos starts. This helps to get used to the the pool, turns, air, the water temp, knowing where everything is, bathroom, food, vendors, awards, results, and scoping out a place to sit, and lets not forget registration and check-in. Plus I don't mind getting lost the day before, for the first event of a day on early morning arrivals. Plus then theres the airport delay, rental car and hotel fiasco. I've never been to Indy...looking forward to it, but on more than one occassion I've had trouble getting a non-smoking room...now how many chain-smoker masters swimmers do you know...all the more reason to take up the advice of "book your hotel room EARLY!"

hope that helps...but thats just me.