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Allen Stark
October 7th, 2003, 09:56 PM
In 2001 I had 3 top ten times thrown out from the Northwest Zone meet because the pool was 2 cm. short. I accepted it albeit grudgingly. I thought our new rules precluded this from happening again! On Oct. 4,2003 in Tempe I was ecstatic after my 100 M Br. when I went my best time in 5 yr. & broke the NW Zone record. The next day it was announced the bulk head wasn't mounted properly & lanes 1,2,& 3 were 1 cm. short so swims from those lanes didn't count for records or TT.The officials were polite & let the affected people swim the events over.That was the best mitigation they could do. In the reswim I did well just missing the Zone record,close but no cigar. Can't something be done to truly prevent this in the future!!

October 7th, 2003, 11:27 PM
What would you like to see have done?

The House of Delegates voted that all pools had to be remeasured after January 1, 2003 there was no grandfathering of pool lengths.

For meets that are held in a bulkhead pool, the pool has to be measured in the morning and at the end of competition each day. Last weekend, I measured the pool at the end of the to be sure that the pool was long enough.

The only thing I can say is that you insist that the pool be measured in the morning. You can ask that the bulkhead be put in a manner that the pool measures long. The poll should be 1" to 2" longer than the nominal length of the pool. This gives a little insurance in case there is movement

If you really want to be sure that your swim will count, only swim in pools that do not have bulkhead, other than that there is not much that can be done.


Bert Bergen
October 8th, 2003, 01:11 AM
Allen, what pool and meet did this occur at?

Allen Stark
October 8th, 2003, 09:59 AM
Southwest Zone Championships at the ASU Pool in Tempe,Arizona

October 8th, 2003, 01:14 PM
Is there a "tolerance" level for measurement, say within a quarter inch or two? Would a pool that is longer also be subject to disqualification since technically not a regulation length?

October 8th, 2003, 01:41 PM
There is NO negative tolerance (they cannot be shorter). This is spelled out in the FINA rules and the USMS rules. Pools can be longer though. And on the safe side should be.


October 8th, 2003, 04:12 PM
Being on the Sun Devil Masters team, I've swam in several AZ meets, however I did not swim last weekend. The officials usually suggest that if you think you will be breaking records, to let them know ahead of time, for timing purposes.

I'd suggest talking to the timers/officials during the meet, to make sure they get your time right. While there, you can ask if the pool was measured, when, etc. Perhaps they can do another if there is a break during the day. Depending on how many swimmers ask for this, they may or may not be able to accommodate, but it's worth a shot.

Hope you had a good meet, other than this. Thanks.

Tim Murphy

Allen Stark
October 8th, 2003, 09:30 PM
Thanks,it was otherwise a great meet. The pool was fast & the people friendly.