View Full Version : Question about Deadlines for QTs

October 12th, 2003, 07:25 PM

I'm new to USMS so bear with me!!

Our Minnesota state meet is held after the entry date for Nationals. So to pre-qualify for Nationals, I would have to make the qualifying times at our other meets. Here's my question: Can I sign up to swim an event at Nationals if I would not be able to qualify until the state meet?

The reason I ask is this...all of our Minnesota meets this year seem to be held on Sundays and I lead worship at church, so I can't make the meets until last half, and by that time the backstroke events have usually passed. It is very likely that the first time I will be able to swim the backstroke is at the state meet, and that's my best event.

I'm sure my times will qualify for those events, so can I just go ahead and register for nationals (at the appropriate registration time) when I don't yet have the QT?


Sandi Rousseau
October 12th, 2003, 10:00 PM
National qualifying time swims are based on having swum the time for an event in the past two years. There is no specified meet mentioned in this criteria. So you should have swum the NQT time or faster by the time you enter nationals, but you can do this in a 'time trial' with someone timing you and making sure your stroke is legal. It does not have to be a meet per se.