View Full Version : Swimming Hall of Fame induction tonight!!!!!

Robert Strand
September 16th, 2011, 01:26 PM
Two of my favorite and most deserving swimmers, Rich Abrahams and Jeff Farrell, get inducted tonight. I wish I could be at the ceremony but can't make it. Its going to be a great nite for all the inductees.

September 16th, 2011, 02:41 PM
Happy to say that I was able to see both of them swim in their early days. Now all these years later they are representing us in the hall! A great honor for two great swimmers and two great guys.

September 16th, 2011, 06:23 PM
Congrats Jeff and Rich!

September 16th, 2011, 06:55 PM
Way to go Rich!:applaud: He actually shook my hand just before my 200 fly swim at Nationals. It must have been his touch that inspired me to take top place :applaud::bliss:in that event! Thanx Rich!

September 21st, 2011, 06:13 AM
I attended the ceremony and thoroughly enjoyed it.
The Hall of Fame has the format down so that it is interesting and fast paced. Tom Boak did a wonderful job as the emcee.
Once again, the social prior to the inductions was all you could ask for. The whole evening was a class act.