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October 13th, 2003, 11:45 PM
CMSA Semi-Annual Meeting
Oct 15th, 2003
7-9 PM
7 Bridges at Edward Health & Fitness Center
6600 Route 53-Woodridge, IL

Current agenda items:

*Introduction of all 2003-2005 Board Members
*Approval of minutes of last meeting
*Mark Urban's promotional video
*Ramon Nayar presentation re justification of budget item for website (why
cmsaswimming.org vs cmsa.usms.org?)
*Announcement re GRIN's donation to the USMS Endowment Fund in honor of Ed Shea
*USMS Registered clubs dues increase to $35 (Illinois Masters subgroup dues
*Consideration of Newsletter costs and possible individual dues increase
*Executive Officers Reports/Registrar Report
*Discussion and approval of 2004 Budget
*2003-2004 CMSA Meet schedule
*Sanctions - meet information (need to include request for emergency contact, information of participant and need to include meet director's phone number, email and snail mail addresses).
*Selection of meet host for 2004 CMSA state meet
(event order, surcharge, relay costs, t-shirts)
*Review of proposed CMSA By-Laws (including discussion of Registrar status)
*Dispute/grievance resolution procedure
*Awards criteria (Coach of the Year, CMSA Service Award, USMS awards)
*Review of USMS convention by delegates (time permitting)
1-3 Mile Open Water National Championships awarded to CMSA (Chicago Masters)
2004 USMS Calendar Planner available for USMS Office
2005 LC Nationals - Mission Viejo, CA August 10-15
CMSA History/Archives being collected

2004 USMS Nationals in Indianapolis, IN-