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October 24th, 2011, 11:47 PM
Is there any interest in posting brief biographies of ourselves so we know a little more about each other? I understand that there are several ex-Olympians and former NCAA swimmers still competeing and it might help salvage my damaged ego to know that there's a darn good reason for some of the times being so much faster than mine. For example, my biography is as follows:
Born in 1951, so I'm now in the 50-54 male group.
Swimming History: On a scale of limited to extensive, I'd say it's fairly limited, starting at age 14 with a summer league, and two years of Junior College at St. Louis Community College (the first two years they had a team) with a track coach turned swimming coach. Made it to Jr. College Nationals, which wasn't very tough in 1971!
Currently: Back in the pool for about a year now, three or four days a week and going to my first meet in five years in Atlanta in March.
Favorite event: 100 Butterfly, Last timed in about 1:03
Other swimming related information: USA Swimming Registered Official (Referee, Starter, Stroke and Turn). Three swimming daughters, one attended U of Minnesota, Senior Nat. finalist, NCAA Hon. Ment. All American and 1992 Olympic Trials Qualifier, second daughter U of Kentucky. NCAA and Sr Nat qualifier, and third daughter is 16, State High School finalist. With my three girls, I think I can put together a Medley Relay that would be tough for any other "family" team to beat. How about it, Leo?