View Full Version : Front page article about diabetes vs. swimming

November 9th, 2011, 02:42 PM
Currently the lead story on the USMS front page. Masters swimmer Scott Nichols is kicking diabetes' butt by swimming.


Scott's still working hard. He even did a double last Monday. He was in LA for business, swam in Fullerton AM then made the evening workout back in Fresno.

His main set this morning was

3x100 free
300 IM (fly, free, back, free, breast, free by 25, 2x)
3x100 free
2x150 IM (no free)
3x100 free
4x75 IM
3x100 free
6x50 stroke free by 25, IM order

I don't know what interval he was doing for the free, but it was supposed to be challenging on around 10 seconds rest.