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April 22nd, 2012, 03:56 PM
Really took a good chunk of time this winter to revisit some things long left in the storage bin of 'oops I forgot about that'. A good 15 years since I dedicated time to simply focusing on posture and body position with respect to freestyle.

What are your particular check points you refer to when you feel your body position might be suffering. Head position, torso pressed down, stretch long through my core, plantar flex my ankles and lightly squeeze my bum/low back/erector spinae muscles is my rundown from head to toe.

Anything else you all think of?

After looking at my position via video with pull buoy vs freestyle I'm fairly happy, but would certainly love to hit a position equal to that of a pull buoy one day so always strive for it. My feet are about 4-6" lower w/o a buoy so lot's of work left to do for sure.

April 23rd, 2012, 11:07 AM
Do you have long legs relative to torso?

I had been swimming over 3 years incorrectly leading rotation with shoulders. This in addition to long legs made my feet sink, therefore with a buoy or wetsuit I was incredibly faster. This winter I attended a clinic and reread the material and finally something clicked (duh) - I need to rotate from my waist. This naturally helps lift my lower half.

I know my hips sink when my left thumb contacts my waist during hand exit. Now, if I move my hip out of the way, I'm in better position.

1) Flutter kick with snorkel, hands at sides (or behind, or in front) and rotate with hips

2) stand in front of mirror, head neutral, try to keep shoulders stationary while rotating hips axially. Try to keep entire axis straight (or streamline looking). Notice the muscles that do this and remember them in the water.

3) stand or sit up straight and try to be as tall as possible during everyday activities