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July 22nd, 2012, 03:02 AM
I must say there is nothing better than an early morning swim as the sun rises over the water. I've been practicing open water swimming along the beach at my parents cottage in Rhode Island on the weekends. The water temp in the summer ranges 63-74. Currently it's 71- my body is comfortable but my legs are freezing. They cramp regularly, which never happens indoors. I think my body has become overly accustomed to my overheated Y pool. (Set a ridiculous 84-86... yet still too cold for the Noodlers! :frustrated:)

I'm looking for a legskin that will provide a little warmth, compression, and protection. Basically I want a regular suit that goes to down to the ankles. There are obviously tech legskins, but I need something affordable and with longevity. I use a Orca wetsuit when the water is less than 66-68. At 71 though, I'm overheated with it. It's really amazing the difference a couple degrees can make on your perception of temp and comfort level.

I'm not sure if I've ever seen what I'm looking for. I think it would be perfect for my current situation- temps too warm for wetsuits but still cold for jammers or briefs. The warmth and compression would help the cramping. I don't see any of the mainstream suit companies (Speedo, Tyr) making anything that meets my description. Does anyone know if a product like this exists? It has to be out there somewhere!

For now, I'm wearing a jammer OWS'ing. It helps with cramping in the quads but certainly not the calves. Normally, I prefer to rock the speedo, but my family refuses to be seen with me wearing them in public at the beach :bolt:- they find the jammer slightly more acceptable. Wearing my speedos elicits plenty of stares from all the beach-goers... mixed reactions from the girls. I put on board shorts when I'm done with my workout, but that 10 yard walk out of the water has evoked sneering, pointing, and giggling. I try to swim in the early morning to avoid all this nonsense. That said, my girlfriend doesn't mind seeing me in a speedo, she finds it "adorable" :D. :smooch: :ohyeah:

July 22nd, 2012, 06:08 PM
I'm not sure that a textile based swimsuit would actually provide any kind of warmth, though I know some folk swear by the psychological benefits of additional coverage. No idea about the cramping issue - I cramp up much more in pools from pushing off the wall than I ever do in open water.

July 23rd, 2012, 06:36 AM
So your looking for something to wear that will keep your legs warm yet still entertain onlookers? Wear a brief and smother grease over your legs:-)

July 26th, 2012, 10:57 PM
I contacted TYR regarding these:
It says they are used for "training" and are made out of some neoprene material. I emailed TYR for more information. This is the response I got:

A7 is not legal for competition due to neoprene, only Tracer Light tight and Tracer Light full body are legal for open water competition (not pool).

A7 can be used as a training suit for open water swimmers. Durable
construction but as with any compression suit or wetsuit, to extend the life
of the suit, individual should rinse in fresh water and hang dry out of
direct sunlight after every use. Fresh water rinse and cool air dry prolongs
the fabric life and keeping it out of the sun prolongs the neoprene life
since sunlight and temperature fluctuation isn't good for neoprene (so don't
leave exposed in your car either for example).

They don't have it in my size.

So your looking for something to wear that will keep your legs warm yet still entertain onlookers? Wear a brief and smother grease over your legs:-)
Hahahah. There's an idea. I just have to lather it all over me obnoxiously.