View Full Version : Looking for a Masters Meet-by-Mail in OR or CA

February 16th, 2013, 07:43 PM
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I wonder if there are any small masters groups that might be interested in this - We're a very small masters group (about 12-15 or so, ranging from rank beginners to a few old college swimmers) based in Monroe, Washington.This year as a motivator we are keeping track of our yardage on a monthly basis, and are collectively swimming our way to Mexico. A few years ago we did this from Monroe to New York City and it seemed to go over quite well. At the end of this January we 'stopped' in Astoria, Oregon and I sent out our monthly progress report. I'm looking for interesting diversions along our route for the rest of our swim as we continue south...

Are there any similar sized clubs/groups in Oregon or California that might like to orgainize (loosely!) a masters meet-by-mail? We could swim our way over to your facility, then on a given day or days each club would swim and time the various events. I'm thinking that a simple excel spreadsheet, emailed back and forth might be all it takes. My goal is to keep this simple and low key! Not sure what our supply of Monroe Masters Swim caps looks like, but maybe as a motivator, we could send along some of our caps for your participants.

Have any other clubs done this and does anyone have any suggestions or tips? Or existing spreadsheets? Let me know if your group might be interested in 'hosting' us for a meet.

Thanks for your interest,

Lars Durban