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January 8th, 2004, 08:13 PM
I am a college student at SUNY IT in Utica NY. Over the last few years i have gained a few pounds that i would like to shed. I a new comer to the swimming world. I have always enjoyed swimming but never swam for training. For the last week I have been swimming freestyle laps everyday I would set my watch for 45 seconds and swim one lenght of the pool and wait for the remaining time to expire than do it again. I repeat this process at least 25 -30 times with a friend. I have wrestled for many years and I find that swimming is equally as challengeing if not more. I am completly addicted. My main goal with swimming is weight loss and toning. I was wondering if i was on the right track or is there is other methods that would be more effective than what i am doing. I swim everyday and 4 lift times a week . Please make any suggestions that could help me with my "born again hard" workout program that involve swimming and weight loss.
Much appreciated

January 8th, 2004, 10:22 PM
Welcome to swimming!

There's a wealth of info out there. Check out the workouts on this site, or on other swim club sites. They will give you a good idea of types of workout.
As well, check out your school's resources - does it have a masters team?

You are swimming about 700 metres (assuming your pool is 25 metres long) per workout. However, you are only swimming short distances, and not varying the interval, and perhaps not varying the intensity. To get a better workout, you need to change things up. Vary distances, intensities, interval times, and strokes. For example, a 700 m workout could look like this:

200 metres (8 lengths) warm up. Do 100 free, 100 other stroke.

2 sets of 3 x 50m (3 lengths) free, descending, with 20 seconds rest. This means you swim the 1st 50 at a slow pace, 2nd at a medium pace, and 3rd fast. Time your swim; you are trying to teach your body to go fast when tired. Then repeat the whole procedure.

100 other stroke - focus on getting the most distance per pull. Be efficient.

6 x 25m on 45 second interval (as you were doing). Pick a goal - either maintain the same speed on each length, or descend in two sets of 4 x 25m.

50 m easy recovery swim.

Have fun!