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April 23rd, 2013, 07:00 PM
Hi all,

First, thanks for being there.

I have right shoulder pain. This winter I foolishly took my first snowboard lesson, fell like 20 times. That week I had left wrist and shoulder pain, both healed. Now I've had right shoulder pain for over a month. I've rested, swam some. All I can do without pain is the breast stroke. The pain is on the back of my shoulder. I have a script for PT from my MD, I'd prefer working with informed swimmers instead. (lousy insurance, I pay for everything). I take napercin 2 twice a day. Pain is like a 7 or 8, start as soon as I do any other stroke, gets worse if I continue.m

My strokes are pretty good. I practiced twice a week for 2000 yards. Until this I never had shoulder pain before, was so proud that doing all 4 strokes paid off. I had just started doing the 500 free (last 2 meets) but still practiced using all 4 strokes, just with some longer sets. I stretch a little before and after practice Any input is appreciated. I'm not very fast, soon to turn 59. I've swam forever, lifeguarded and taught through college.

Debra with the Poopy Shoulder, Cleveland
(and I get it, this is just a discussion forum)

April 23rd, 2013, 10:27 PM
If you have pain with certain motions that won't go away despite rest and anti-inflamatories, that means something needs to be fixed. If there was a tear or other injury that just needs time to heal, the Dr. would have told you. Since PT was prescribed, you may have an inbalance that leads to abrasion when you swim. That won't go away on it's own.

Go to physical therapy a few times. They will thoroughly examine you and identify exactly what is creating the pain. You will be given specific exercises to do that will lessen or even fix the problem. It is well worth paying for a couple visits to learn what is wrong and probably learn exercises you can do on your own to get you back in the swim.

I have several problems with my shoulders. I lost two years in college due to injuries and developed tears in both rotator cuffs my last year. Years later, a physical therapist discovered a muscular inbalance that was easily fixed with an exercise I can do in every gym in the world. My yardage is limited and Fly is rarely an option, but I can swim 3000 yards 4x/week.

April 28th, 2013, 07:55 PM
You make good sense. Since I've gotten no relief doing what I'm doing, I need more help. I tried the basic shoulder exercises with the lightest exercise band (the bent elbow, right, left pull ones), I have pain as a result of them so I'm stopping. I'm motivated to do what a PT tells me, I miss swimming like I have been. I dream of getting back to where I was.

I'm sorry you are limited by your shoulder, sounds like you wish you could do more yards and be able to do the fly without pain.
Thanks, Debra