View Full Version : More Fun with Land Based Fitness

May 14th, 2013, 10:10 AM
Hello Friends, Athletes and Coaches - please assess, filter and decide what you are comfortable doing and only do that which you believe is safe and fits into your sense of want and possible need. Make SAFETY FIRST & FOREMOST in any program and selection of actions you may do. That includes making sure your equipment or the area you work in are safe and secure and being sure one has the readiness for the skills, load or volume to be undertaken. Consistency is good but it can also be good to branch off or at least modify what one does to allow for expanded experiences, learning and (SAFE) challenges that you and your body can learn from and adapt to. Some actions may seem sport specific and some may simply serve to allow for Fun, Fitness and perhaps add to sustainability - relative to one's sport specific pursuits or for health and balance in daily activity. Be well. Be safe. Stay fit.

NOTE: I film myself and I do not pretend to be a world class athlete so there may be motions that you or your athletes do better. That is great. Be proud of what you and your athletes can do. Simply take these as ideas and examples for you to consider and in many cases perhaps, perform better than I did. Enjoy and Embrace the Athlete Within.

One Arm Cable Row while holding a long line bridge on a Swiss Ball

One Arm Cable Row in a Single Leg Glute Bridge

Cable Flies on a Swiss Ball into Decline Push Ups with Toes (Single Leg) On a Swiss Ball

Supine Knee Flexion (Leg Curl with both legs and single leg) with a Swiss Ball

Prone Tuck Ups with a Swiss Ball (both legs and single leg)