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Orel Fox
May 15th, 2013, 09:52 AM
Hey guys thanks for reading this .
i started swimming about a month a go
i have an infection in my knee and 2 tendonitis at my both elbows.
the doctor said if i want to continue doing sports , i should do swimming for now .
i started training in the nearby pool
and honestly , i had no idea how hard can it be .
i got down the technique with some help from a coach there (free style technique)
and i since i lost muscle mass , i would like to have some of it back.
as for my GOALS from swimming :
getting faster (doing 25 meters freestyle in 17:03 sec is kind of bad i guess.)
and get some muscle mass as well as getting a little ripped
can someone give me some workout routines for getting my goals?
i want to use only goggles in the water , and if really necessarily i will buy other equipment
thanks , salute :)

May 24th, 2013, 04:41 PM
Orel Fox,

I have a couple questions before I give you any workout advice. I wanted to know how long (time-wise and distance) are you swimming. How far can you go without stopping if you swim at a moderate pace? (whatever moderate is for you) You can definitely use just goggles without any of the other stuff everyone is trying to sell you. The extra stuff just adds variety to your workouts. One thing you can start doing immediately is varying your speed during your workouts. Many people just do one speed when they workout on their own. For example: swim one length very slow, one length normal speed and the last length fast (not super fast, just fast). Take about 15-20 sec rest, whether you need it our not and repeat this 10 times. Good luck with your swimming. I'll respond again once I get a response from you.