View Full Version : Masters Workouts in Tel Aviv, Israel

June 16th, 2013, 06:49 AM
Hi folks--

My next work trip takes me to Tel Aviv, Israel. Does anyone have any experience dropping in with masters swim workouts there?

I will be staying at a hotel about 3km from the Gordon Pool. The Gordon Pool seems awesome---50m pool on the beach! Through my internet searching, I found a triathlon forum that talked about the existence of masters swim workouts at that pool, but couldn't find any details about day/time/contacts.

I also found some good info about the 50M pool at Tel Aviv University which is a little further away but also seems nice. If anyone knows of masters groups at either spot, I'd love to hear.

Also, both of these pools are expensive ($18 per day?!) so if there are less expensive ways to get a swim in, I'd love to know about them. Yes, I guess the cheapest would probably be to swim in the Mediterranean itself, but I am a little reluctant to do a swim of any distance all alone.

Thanks again!