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June 24th, 2013, 02:24 PM
Please, help to find mistakes in my swimming technique. Would be very grateful for any advice how to improve my swimming (useful drills and etc.). I have been swimming for 6 months for myself without coach and this is my first video http://www.swimsmoothforum.com/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gifThank you in advance.

Here is the video:


June 25th, 2013, 07:04 PM
I noticed 3 things:

1. Your left hand crosses over the centre line of your body when it enters - be consciously aware of getting your hands to enter the water on about the same plane as your shoulder.

2. Your hand entry is a bit weird - it's almost like they float around at the front of the stroke before you catch the water. This could be because of the entry crossover. Focus on entering the water like you are putting your arm and hand through a sweater sleeve, then move your hand down to catch the water right away. You want to feel the water on the underside of the forearms as you start the pull. You could try the fist drill to get this feel - swim with your hands balled into fists, which will force you to use your forearms as a pulling force.

3. You are very flat in the water. Imagine your head and spine are a long axis and your body rotates on this axis. Start rotating with the hips...as your hand pushes through the bottom of the stroke, rotate that hip towards the ceiling. Your shoulder should then follow, rotating towards the ceiling as well. This will also allow you to stretch the opposite arm forward (as you push it through the sweater sleeve). A good drill would be to take three strokes, and on the 3rd stroke leave your hand and arm outstretched at the top of the stroke and kick for 6 beats. As you are kicking you should be lying almost on your side - focus on the hip/shoulder rotation as you end your stroke and stretching the opposite arm out.

Good luck! Keep swimming!

Rain Man
June 26th, 2013, 02:33 PM
My first thought is.. why are you swimming catch-up freestyle? It leads directly to "thing 3" that swimlong mentions - flat swimming. "Catch-up" free is a drill that needs to be done carefully. When you see the best distance freestylers swimming what appears to be catch-up, it's more like 3/4 catch-up, and they are not spending any significant time flat on their stomach.

I'd try to get you to establish a deeper catch.. it could just be the video angle. A front angle would help. I'd also have you do 3/4 freestyle drill to get to each side, and practice rotating through the middle. You've got a stroke that can be worked with no doubt, but you'll really need a trained eye to help you out on deck if you're serious about improving.

June 28th, 2013, 11:56 AM
Hi. Thank you very much, swimlong and Rain Man for your advice and detailed discussion of my freestyle video. I must accept that the flaws you mentioned are very actual, and I should improve them in order to make my swimming better. As much as I have concluded from your posts: I should work on:
1) Making the pull earlier, just before the recovery hand enters water(catchup problem). Three-quarter drill will help me to improve this element
2) Making more propulsion per stroke. To reach this I think I should work on: a) Making underwater pull more effective (with high elbow, moving hand backwards, until it exits the water, and not exiting it too early) b) using paddles to train some more propulsive pull c) resolving catchup problem mentioned in point 1.
3) Also making more quick catch/pull movement ( in the video I am swimming slowly intentionally). But I guess my catch/pull is a bit lazy.

Some points that are not mentioned in your posts, but I think about them also as flaws in technique, they are:
1) I am crossing too far my hands during the water entry. I extend my right hand too far to the left, and left hand too right.
2) Legs. I think my kicking is too wide. Especially during the inhale.They create additional drag IMHO.
3) My SPL is too high: 17-18 ( I think it will reduce, as soon as I make my propulsion more effective).

I live in Georgia (not USA, but republic of Georgia http://www.swimsmoothforum.com/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif ) So we don't have qualified coaches here, and I love swimming. So I have to analize my swimming for myself, and any advice from you (swimmers, coaches) is very important for me.
I really got very useful information about flaws in my technique. Now I an going to eliminate that flaws, record a new video and post it here in several weeks.