View Full Version : Back at practice

June 24th, 2013, 03:03 PM
Now, I'm all for something different than just grinding out yardage.

I'm back practicing with a team after a 3+ year period where I swam on my own. I found it too easy to just skip out on a swim, and I wasn't all that sure that what I was doing was doing me much good. I was frequently doing some UST stuff, and picked up bits and pieces from Leslie's HIT workouts (I really love torque drills - wish I could do them better backstroke). Still, practice the past week or two has seemed to be a bit of a grind-it-out affair at times. That said, it is nice to let a coach come up with my workout for a change, and I do like swimming LCM outdoors. That's a bit of a treat for a transplant to the Midwest.