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June 27th, 2013, 10:20 PM
What kind of procedure was done on your shoulder?

Was it due to a specific injury, a chronic condition or just cumulative wear and tear?

What's your prognosis for full activity after recovery?

How is it going so far with your rehab?

At this point, are you glad you did it?

June 28th, 2013, 09:23 AM
a bicep tenodesis and a lot of scar tissue clean up and also the removal of a bone spur

well in aug 2009 i did a 90degree (11oclock to 2oclock) SLAP tear and it was repaired june 2010. however it appears that my bicep tendon that attaches right above where my SLAP tear was at was trying to rip it back open. the bone spur was where the glanus had been snipped for an impingement issue. the scar tissue was from all of the work in 2010 and doc said i never would have had full mobility of my right shoulder without his cleanup.

to be able to use my arm pain free. 2012 was not fun. (dont let my doc see this) but i was taking 6 advil 4times a day PLUS 2 aleave 2 times a day plus bags upon bags of ice to keep the swelling and pain down. the side affect (that we did not know) was all of the shoulder issues jacked up my traps to the base of my skull. all of those meds kept the migrains to just under the crying level. i also had about 56 (6-8 at a time) trigger point injections in my neck from january till just 2 days before i left for italy. the day after the 400m in italy i stopped all the meds to save my liver. WHOA! thats when i knew something was horribly wrong. mri after arthogram mri after dozens of xrays and 2 docs i finally found a doc that actually wanted to help. sure i want to get back to racing offroad motorcycles and even do a little swimming.

as Rich A. warned me ahead of time (he has had 2 of these) it will be slow. dang is it slow! i'm up to being able to lift 10 whole pounds with my right arm. that is not very impressive is it.

i am so elated that i did it. gosh you have no idea. to wake up and not be in pain. to not sit at work with ice on my shoulder. to not be sucking down advil like candy. to not be worrying that my liver is turning into a frisbee because of the meds. to not be icing my shoulder from the minute i get home from work until i go to bed. the lack of migraine headaches alone is worth it. even if i cant swim and cant race my bike it would be so worth it. the pain i was in made me always on edge and always grumpy. while this has been a very tough recovery and i'm not done yet, it has been completely worth it so far because the pain is gone.