View Full Version : Backstroke body position/catch

December 13th, 2013, 02:15 PM
Boy I'm having so much fun learning back it's challenging, but such a pleasure now that I am being taught by someone who actually knows.

As far as keeping the upper back rounded I get that and have it down doing the rotational drills kicking on my back. I have been told to almost feel as if I'm laying in a hammock for my upper back shape, not quite that drastic, but the general feel one would have in a hammock. To also keep my lower ribs tucked in close, not letting them pop out. But I'm having a mighty struggle to keep that shape when I recovery and begin my catch. I always seem to want to revert to that feeling of my 'proud' posture from freestyle as I reach back to catch and then my rounded upper back goes to the other extreme.

Any thoughts or buzz words that may have helped you if you struggled with this? Hope I described my issue well enough.....my gift of gab isn't the greatest with these concepts. Thanks!