View Full Version : Anyone use long belt bungee cords?

The Flyer
December 16th, 2013, 05:39 PM
I was thinking about buying either the Finis long belt or the Stretchcordz long belt. The difference between the two is that you can choose the resistance on the Stretchcordz version. Does anyone use these two? If you use the stretchcordz version, what resistance do you use? The options are Silver (3-8lbs), Yellow (5-14lbs), Green (8-24lbs), and Red (12-34lbs). I want something that is challenging to make it across a 25y pool, but not so much I can't get there and use speed assist on the way back. I swim the 50 free in 24 and 100 free in 52 if that's any help. Any ideas on which resistance I should choose if I get the stretchcordz? or what the resistance is like on the Finis version?

Rob Copeland
December 17th, 2013, 08:30 AM
With your speed either the StretchCordz –Red or FINIS Stationary Cord Long should work. If it becomes too easy to cross the pool, then all you need to do is wrap the cord a few times around the starting block to shorten it and increase resistance.

The Flyer
December 17th, 2013, 12:20 PM
Thanks for the info! Would you say the Finis version is similar to the Red Stretchcordz in resistance? The Finis one is about $15 cheaper so if they are pretty similar I'll definitely go for the cheaper one.

January 13th, 2014, 07:17 PM
Is this something you can use in a hotel pool or a pool that doesn't work for 'real' swimming?

January 14th, 2014, 07:56 AM
I use bungee cords. Though I only use it in my home pool for stationary reasons. I can advise you on what I know. If you get a belt that has one attachment point then you will want a place that is higher up to attach it. If not then the cord lies to parallel with the water and will interfere with the kick. The unit I have is a nice belt with one attachment but the cord then attaches to a fiberglass rod that is mounted outside the pool and is 4ft tall. This gives a high attachment point as to not interfere with my kick. You may can attach it to a start block but I am not sure that by the time you get to 25 yard that the hight will remain high enough. I have seen the belts with two attachment points and this may work better for what yo are doing. You attach each cord to either lane line and thus the cords are to your sides. I have used this and it works really well. For my stationary one with the added fiberglass resistance I have a 12-34lb resistance and our 50/100 free times are comparable. I hope this helps. Just think about the cord placement, this was the advice I was given when I was looking and I am glad I was told about it.